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Update from Family Court regarding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Activities

FLIC Office Hours

The Family Law Information Center will be closed until further notice for in-person walk-in hours and questions. We will be assisting people by phone only.

Before calling our office, please attempt to find your answer in these free resources:

If you need assistance please call our office from 8:30 am to 12:00 noon. When calling, have your case number ready so Facilitators can efficiently serve callers. Facilitators will ask you to call back if you have a case number but do not have it ready.

  • For Kent or Seattle cases call: 206-263-FLIC (3542)

We will be answering as many calls as staffing allows.

Final Decree/Finalizing by Agreement

All in person final decree hearings are suspended. If you are self-represented and want to finalize your case by agreement or default (where other party has NOT appeared), Facilitators will finalize your family law case for you. Facilitators will work with the Ex Parte Commissioners to finalize your documents or give you instructions on what to do next.

Please send in your final documents at least two weeks before your scheduled hearing or two weeks before the 91 days. Send your documents to

When emailing the Facilitators, please include:

1.   SUBJECT LINE: King County Case Number (ex. 12-3-12345-6 SEA or KNT)

2.   Attachments: WORD, PDF, or JPEG

a.  Declaration in Lieu: This form allows Facilitators to finalize your case for you. Only ONE party needs to fill out and sign.



b.  Completed and Signed Proposed Final Orders

i.  Can the Facilitators Help Me Finalize my Case?

c.  Phone Number or email address where you can be reached directly.

Once a Facilitator has reviewed your documents, they will provide corrections or an update. DO NOT call or email for an update unless it has been two weeks since you have heard a response.

You may also MAIL OR DROP OFF your completed and signed proposed final orders to either the Seattle or Kent offices. Please write ATTENTION: FACILITATORS and include a letter stating why you are dropping off documents to the Facilitators. For example, “Included in this packet are my final documents to finalize my family law case. My contact information is…” Any forms delivered without this information will be returned.


516 Third Avenue, Room W-382
Seattle, Washington 98104

               ATTN: FACILITATORS 
401 Fourth Avenue, Room 3-D
Kent, Washington 98032
DROP OFF PAPERWORK: Facilitator Box at 2-D


ATTORNEYS AND LEGAL PROFESSIONALS: The Family Law Facilitators do NOT assist attorneys or family law cases with an attorney. For instructions on how to finalize family law cases with an attorney, visit: Voicemails and emails from legal professionals seeking information will not be returned.

July 30, 2020

About the Family Law Facilitator Program

  • Only people who are not represented by attorneys
  • Only people who know what kind of legal action they need
  • Only people involved in family law actions such as:
    • Divorce/Legal Separation
    • Family Law Motions
    • Child Support Modifications
    • Establishing a Parenting Plan
    • Non Parental Custody
    • Invalidity/Annulment
    • Temporary Orders
    • Parenting Plan Modifications
    • Child Support Adjustment
    • Restraining Orders
  • Provide information on how to start certain family law actions
  • Provide information on what forms are needed and where to get them
  • Provide information on court rules, procedures, and case schedules
  • Review forms after you fill them out to make sure they are complete
  • Provide information on other court and community resources
  • Provide written instructions at no cost for many family law actions
  • Provide limited referrals for legal consultation for low income unrepresented litigants
  • Assist people who are represented by attorneys
  • Assist people who are uncertain what kind of legal action they need
  • Provide legal advice
  • Fill out your papers for you or tell you how to fill them out
  • Assist people with:
    • Adoptions
    • Bankruptcy
    • Criminal Charges
    • Domestic Violence Protection Orders
    • Juvenile Dependency
    • Name Changes
    • Parentage
    • Traffic Citations
    • Will and Probate Matters
King County Ordinances 16979 and 16980 authorize the Facilitator Program to charge a fee for services. The fee to meet with a facilitator is $30.00 per visit. This fee is reduced or waived depending on income. Please contact our office for more information.
  • Divorce Roadmap. If you do not have an attorney and you are confused about how the divorce process works in King County, click here for a brief informational presentation on filing for divorce.
  • Simple Dissolution (Divorce). As of 4/1/2021, new applications for the Simple Divorce program will not be accepted; we hope to offer an improved program to assist agreed cases soon. At this time, to finalize your agreed case, please review the instructions here. If you have already submitted an application, we will review it and contact you regarding your eligibility.
  • Non-Parental Navigation. If you do not have an attorney and you are seeking custody of a child or children of whom you are not the parent, click here for a brief informational presentation.
  • Family Law Instructions. These sets of instructions can help you file and manage your own family law action.
  • Family Law Legal Resources. These free or low-cost legal assistance organizations may be able to help you with your family law action.
  • King County Local Rules. Local court rules provide guidance for your interactions with the court.
  • Learn about the Family Law Information Center on King County TV. (Video posted on YouTube)
  • Family Law Resource List