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Divorce, custody, and adoption

Get guidance on Family Law hearings involving children and families including divorce, adoptions, and parenting plans. Learn more about the services we provide to help you through the process.

How-to resources for family law

Guidance on the general processes involving children and families in Family Court including divorce, parenting plans, child support, guardianship, and orders.

General Family Law forms

Frequently used forms for family law motions, hearing continuances, and finalization. 


Adoption is a unique process for every case. We provide general forms and can help guide you through the court processes.

Family Law Facilitators

If you do not have an attorney, our Family Law Facilitators can provide guidance through a Family Law process.

Family Law hearings, settlements, and trials

Depending on the nature of your Family Law case, you may need a hearing, trial, or settlement.

Family Law Orientation

Learn how to sign up for the Family Law Oriention (FLO) online.

Register for the parent seminar

The What about the Children seminar shares how parental conflict affects children. Parents with children are required to attend this seminar for many court processes.