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Video participation - Superior Court

How to join Superior Court via Zoom video.
You will not need to set up a Zoom account to join a virtual meeting. Downloading Zoom before your scheduled time is helpful. If you do not, Zoom will automatically install after you click the meeting link. This may cut time into you preparing to appear on the video.

Prepare for the video hearing or proceeding

You will need an internet connection and a phone, tablet, or computer with to use Zoom:

Watch our video with more virtual meeting tips

Participate in the virtual hearing or proceeding

  • Set up your area

    Find a quiet place with good lighting and a way to plug in your phone or computer to join your meeting:

    • Plan ahead to ensure you won't have interruptions during the hearing including muting your phone.
    • Position the camera at your eye level or slightly above eye level.
    • Be mindful of what's behind you and choose a solid neutral wall, if possible.
    • Ideally, position a lamp or sit facing a window, where light is directly on your face.
  • Join the meeting

    A few minutes before the scheduled time, join the proceeding by clicking on the link provided by the Court.

    Before you are admitted, you will be asked to type in your name. Enter your full name and any other information the Court has asked you to provide. You will then be placed into a "waiting room."

    Do not hang up; please wait and the Court will admit you into the proceeding.

  • The Zoom hearing

    Mute yourself when not speaking to avoid any potential background noise. Pause before speaking just in case there is any audio/video lag. If you are unable to hear clearly, let the Court know by raising your hand and speaking when acknowledged.

    Once started, the hearing is recorded. Everything said will be captured and made part of the court record just as in a physical courtroom.

    At some point during the hearing or proceeding, you may be put into a "breakout room" for a private conversation. Only those in the room can hear the conversation. The Court will send you a message when it is time to return or you may choose to return by clicking on "Leave Breakout Room."