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Factoria Recycling & Transfer Station

Learn about the Factoria Recycling & Transfer Station in Bellevue. Find information on facility hours, accepted materials, fees, and more.

General information

The Factoria Recycling & Transfer Station provides recycling services and garbage disposal, and hazardous waste collection. Hazardous waste drop-off is available Tuesday through Sunday. Be sure to check the hours of operation before arriving.

Download the Factoria Recycling & Transfer Station fact sheet to learn more about this facility.

Who can use this facility?

Customers must live or do business within King County’s service area to use this facility. Our service area does not include the cities of Seattle or Milton. If you reside in Seattle, you can still drop off accepted items at the hazardous waste collection site within the facility.

For information on Seattle’s solid waste facilities, please visit Seattle Public Utilities.

Hazardous waste collection

If you live in King County, including Seattle, there is no fee to drop off your household hazardous waste at our collection site. We also accept hazardous materials at no fee from eligible businesses. For more information, visit the Hazardous Waste Management Program website.

Payment methods

  • Credit card - Visa, Mastercard, and Discover
  • Cash
  • Apple Pay

Length limit for vehicles and trailers

Maximum combined length limit for vehicles plus trailers (bumper-to-bumper):

Secure your load

Be sure to secure your load before traveling. A load is secure when nothing can slide, shift, fall or sift onto the roadway or become airborne. We charge a $25 fee to any vehicle that arrives at our solid waste facilities with an unsecured load per King County Code 10.12.040.

Recycling services

Accepted materials

See all materials accepted at this facility

Downloadable guides

Our recycling services vary by facility. Use these visual guides to see where to take your materials.

If you have questions about what is recyclable, call our solid waste information line at 206-477-4466.


Fees vary depending on the type of material and the weight of your load. If you are a ProviderOne, EBT, or ORCA LIFT customer you may also be eligible for our Cleanup LIFT discount. Visit our disposal fees page to see our current rates.

Disposal restrictions

We accept a wide range of materials at our facilities, but there are some restrictions for legal, operational, and safety reasons. Visit the disposal restrictions page for details.


We consolidate the garbage, then transport it to the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill for final disposal. Yard waste and recyclables are separated by type and distributed to local, national or international markets for processing into new products. Download our waste collection diagram for more info.
If you are unsure about what is recyclable, call the Solid Waste Information Line at 206-477-4466, or submit your question online.