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Food inspections and safety rating system

Our food inspection reporting system and one-of-a-kind food safety rating system give King County residents the information they need to remain safe while dining out.

Food safety resources for businesses

Educational resources to help restaurants prevent food-borne illnesses.

Food safety in your home kitchen

Food safety in your home kitchen is just as important as food safety in restaurant kitchens. In fact, as much as 60% of food-borne illness may be from home kitchens.

Donating food and feeding our community safely

Food safety practices are very important in protecting the health of those you are helping when donating and preparing food for communities in need.

Food complaint form

This form is for reporting unsafe food handling practices observed at food establishments in Washington state's King County.

About the Food Protection Program

Public Health's role is to carry out a community-wide program for food safety to promote health and prevent disease through education, training and regulation.