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Document Code No.: CIP 8-3 (AEO)
Department/Issuing Agency: King County Executive's Office
Effective Date: March 27, 2014
Approved: /s/ Dow Constantine
Type of Action: New

Signed document (PDF, 277KB)

This executive order directs the implementation of project management standards and guidelines developed by the Capital Project Management Work Group (CPMWG) Phases 1 and 2 (herein King County Project Management Standard Process Guidelines) and approved by the CPMWG Steering Committee on qualifying King County capital construction projects by second quarter 2014.  Qualifying projects are defined in the CPMWG products.  This executive order further directs the capital Implementing Agencies (IA) to produce monthly dashboard reports on the division’s standards implementation progress. 

WHEREAS, on March 18, 2010, the Executive Office issued CIP 8-1 (AEO) establishing a Capital Project Management Work Group (CPMWG) comprised of representatives from each of King County’s capital IA directed to develop and implement consistent, comprehensive standards for reporting, management, and performance measurement of capital projects; and

WHEREAS, on September 30, 2011, the Executive Office issued CIP 8-2 establishing CPMWG Phase 2 (CPMWG 2) and directing CPMWG 2 to continue the work on development of consistent project management process improvements; and

WHEREAS, while the King County Project Management Standard Process Guidelines were developed for implementation on capital construction projects; the  non-construction capital projects, such as computer software and hardware projects, major equipment purchases, and rolling stock inventory investments, for example were exempted from implementation of the standards; and

WHEREAS, Executive Orders CIP 8-1 and CIP 8-2 established a steering committee comprised of IA directors responsible for oversight and approval of the work products delivered by CPMWG 1 and CPMWG2; and

WHEREAS, a key objective of King County’s Strategic Plan is to build a culture of performance and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of county programs, services, and systems including management emphasis and priority on increasing the county’s skills in project management; and

WHEREAS, the CPMWG and CPMWG 2 have completed the work directed in Executive Order CIP 8-1 (AEO) and Executive Order CIP 8-2 (AEO); and

WHEREAS, the CPMWG Phases 1 and 2  work products were approved by its Steering Committee and are now referred to as the King County Project Management Standard Process Guidelines; and

WHEREAS, the Executive desires the capital project management process improvements are timely and consistently implemented in the County’s capital project management; and

WHEREAS, a Project Management Standards Implementation (PMSI) committee has been formed to develop and implement a central web-based repository for CPMWG project management standards, guidelines, tools and templates; and

WHEREAS, qualifying projects are defined in the King County Project Management Standard Process Guidelines in the Project and Program Characteristics Table which allows scalable application of tools based on a project’s elements including scope, schedule and budget; and 

WHEREAS, Project Management teams are comprised of:

  • Managers, Supervisors and Leads responsible for the day-to-day management of projects, project teams, and successful implementation of project management policies and procedures; and,
  • Individual staff responsible for assignments that include management of project tasks such as project reporting, cost and schedule control, engineering, design and construction reviews, quality assurance and quality control activities on a project, procurement planning, communications and outreach planning and implementation, permitting and acquisitions, contract administration and project oversight; and

WHEREAS, PMSI will develop and provide a county-wide Launch Event for capital IA staff on how to access and use the standard project management methods, tools and reporting requirements in April 2014. The sessions will be video recorded and made available on-line as an on-going reference for project management teams and as a training resource for new project management teams.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Dow Constantine, King County Executive, do hereby order and direct that:

  1. All capital IAs shall
    1. Implement the approved King County Project Management Standard Process Guidelines for managing and reporting on qualifying capital projects.

    2. Begin implementation of the King County project management standards and processes no later than the second quarter of 2014 and complete implementation no later than December 2014.

    3. Provide monthly status reports to the PMSI on the status of its divisions’ progress on implementing the standards.  Status reports shall be generated in the month following the activity, thus reports for April 2014 would be generated in May 2014.

    4. Commence reporting on implementation progress in May 2014.

  2. King County Project Management Teams shall
    1. Attend the PMSI Launch Event in person or on-line to become familiar with the standard project managements tools, how to navigate and download materials from the central intranet site and to reacquaint themselves with the King County Project Management Standard Process Guidelines for understanding and implementation of the standards and requirements.

    2. Implement the King County Project Management Standard Process Guidelines on active qualifying projects. Projects actively in Phase 4, defined as the implementation or construction phase, in second Quarter 2014 shall be exempted from this requirement.

    3. Implement quarterly CPMWG Process Implementation dashboard reporting. Reports shall be submitted as set forth by the PMSI for review by that committee. These reports shall also be reviewed by Directors and the Executive Office.

  3. PMSI shall
    1. Develop and implement a centralized web-based repository for King County Project Management Standard Process Guidelines and other materials documenting and describing the PM process requirements.

    2. Develop a web-based dashboard reporting process and template for use by all divisions to report their implementation progress and provide the Executive and the Directors status on IA progress on a periodic basis.

    3. Post the King County Project Management Standard Process Guidelines to the PMSI developed central website for access across the county.  These processes, tools and guidelines shall include:
      1. Standard processes for project reporting, definitions of common King County project management terminology, cost and schedule control, cost estimating standards, standard requirements for project risk assessments, and managing team assignments through use of a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM).

      2. The approved King County Project Management Standard Process Guidelines, including sample templates, example processes, charts and graphical flowcharts, and sample forms shall be available for staff to download from a central website.  The website will be updated when revised or when King County develops new processes, guidelines or tools.

    4. Develop, schedule and facilitate the Launch Event on reintroduction of the approved King County Project Management Standard Process Guidelines.  The Launch Event shall include revisiting the CPMWG standards and process requirements.  The Launch Event shall also include instructions on accessing, navigating and downloading materials from the PMSI developed central website.

    5. Facilitate the Launch Event to King County capital IA project staff in April 2014.

    6. Video record the Launch Event and make it accessible to project management teams for on-going refresher courses on the project management standards or as a training tool for new project management team staff.

    7. Determine where the PM process website would be most effectively maintained and how content updates could be managed after the orientation sessions have been completed.

  4. Directors shall:
    1. Provide leadership and support the efforts of the PMSI committee, including ensuring adequate staff participation.

    2. Review its IA dashboard reports on King County Project Management Standard Process Guidelines implementation progress ensure timely implementation of the standards.

    3. Be accountable for implementation of the PM standards on all of its qualifying capital projects, including timely and consistent dashboard reporting on standards implementation progress.

    4. Provide feedback to the Executive Office through the CPMWG Functional Steering Committee on recommendations and suggestions for the addition of or revision of common standards where consistency is necessary to effectively monitor capital projects, ensure accountability and measure performance.

    5. Ensure the IA Division’s Project Manual and its subsidiary manuals are updated with the project management standards; and, make the Project Manual available to the project management teams through the implementation process and as an on-going revision effort when standards are updated or added.

Dated this 17th day of March, 2014.

/s/ Dow Constantine
King County Executive


/s/ Norm Alberg
Director, Records and Licensing Services Division