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Please read the following information and instructions carefully, as it pertains directly to application requirements for all King County Sheriff’s Office positions.  Those who do not follow the instructions below will not be considered for the position, and their application deemed as incomplete.

This recruitment will establish an employment list (valid for one year) to fill current and future vacancies, for this position, throughout the Sheriff's Office. 

ImportantBy State law, applicants for Civil Service positions must be United States citizens or Legal Permanent Resident who are able to read and write the English language.  For more information please be sure to check the Automatic Disqualifiers link in the supplemental questions.

A valid Washington State driver's license or the ability to travel to King County locations in a timely manner is a required.


REQUIRED MATERIALS: The following materials are required

  • A completed Government Jobs online application; fill out the application, entirely.  Remember to include your job duties, as they relate to the position under your work history.
  • Responses to the supplemental questionnaire; if you reference a work experience in your response to a supplemental question, and it is not listed in your work history, this will be considered incomplete.  Indicating that one has a certain number of years of experience in a certain area, will be compared to your application, for example; if you state you have 5 years of experience working with law enforcement, we expect to be able to verify that information on your application under your work history.
  • Letter of interest (cover letter) describing your background and how you meet or exceed the requirements for this position.

Please Note: You must completely fill out the application with your relevant education and work experience. At least ten (10) years of work history must be included on the application.  If you do not have ten years of work experience, then the number of years you do have will suffice.

Your application must provide clear and detailed information on your relevant education, training and work experience and history.  Responses that state "see my resume" or "see my personnel file" are considered incomplete and will not be accepted. Applications that do not include a letter of interest are incomplete and will not be considered. You can attach multiple documents if necessary or required, such as your letter of interest and optional resume to your electronic application.  Although a resume is not required with your application, a resume will not be accepted in lieu of a completed application. An incomplete application will not be considered.

Your application materials must validate your answers to the supplemental questions. If your answers can not be validated, you will not proceed to the next steps of the selection process. This selection process may include but is not limited to: evaluation of application materials and supplemental questions, testing, interviewing, and background investigation.

Your options are:

  • Copy and paste one or more documents into the text resume section of the application
  • Attach multiple documents/files in the resume attachment section

WORK LOCATION: Vacancies may occur at any District Court location, the King County Courthouse in downtown Seattle, Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent, the Youth Services Center in Seattle, or the Harborview Mental Health Court, or otherwise stated specifically on the job announcement.

TESTING INFORMATION: This position requires a skills and/or technical tests that are proctored in Seattle, WA only. NO out-of-state proctoring of the test will be conducted.

Civil Service Eligibility List: All King County Civil Service positions have a graded examination process that applicants must successfully complete with a passing score. All successful applicants will be placed on the ranked eligibility list in order, based on their individual examination score. Due to differences in examinations and/or processes, be sure that you read the position announcement carefully and follow the instructions completely. You can learn more about King County Civil Service hiring by accessing the website at:

Filling Vacancies:  King County Civil Rules, Section 10.3, outline how the King County Sheriff will appoint eligible candidates to vacant positions.


Commission Review of Examination Results in accordance with Civil Service Rules 8, Section 8.4.1, Commission Review of Examination Results, prior to certification from a new employment list, the overall test results must be accepted by the Commission.  If the Commission rejects the results, it must state publicly its reasons for so doing.  Notice of this discretionary power of the Commission will be clearly stated on all recruiting announcements.

Appeal Rights:  King County Civil Service Rules, Section 8.6, outline the appeal process for Civil Service exams.  This rule is accessible at: