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2022 Special Events

Online Nonprofit Expos


Join nonprofits online about a specific cause topic each week.  

Online Microsoft Teams 

Weekly  - Wednesdays 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Click on each link to register for the online expo you would like to attend

Departments are planning lots of fun virtual events!

Check in with your 2022 Lead Ambassadors for more information. 

  • Assessor's Office - Alicia Warren
  • Council - Lauren Olson
  • DAJD -  Tricia Diamond
  • DCHS Kerry Wade and Kerry Flory
  • DES - Elyse Alegria and Katelyn Kauffman-Amarsingh
  • DHR - Blake Bennett
  • District Court - Krista Corbin-Diaz and Tami Cochran
  • DJA - Beth Ratzlaff
  • DLS -  John Taylor and Rodelia Gray
  • DNRP - Chris Zanassi
  • DPD - Stephanie Sellars and Leslie Brown
  • DPH - Cynthia Adams and Jeffrey Weldon
  • Elections - Chela Rosales and Sean Bowman
  • Executive Office - Lily Clifton
  • KCIT - Siva Gopal
  • Metro Transit - Shabnam Ghaibi, Robert McCallen Jr, and Tyrone Dumas
  • PAO - Karla Vargas
  • Sheriff's Office - Jeffrey Flohr & Dani Hamilton
  • Superior Court - Amy Roe

Calendar of Events


Date & Time Event Additional info

Annual Giving Drive Online Auction

These are a great way to have some "Fun"draising Excitement! Online Auctions are run by the departments putting them on, therefore if you have any questions about donating to one feel free to contact the person listed directly.


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