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ShareFile is a program that allows exhibits to be electronically transferred and viewed via a cloud.

To submit electronic exhibits for trial, please email the Clerk's Office at the following email addresses:

Emails need to include:

  1. Case number and caption
  2. Participant role in the case - plaintiff, petitioner, respondent, etc.

Upon receipt of the email, the Clerk's Office will email a link to the ShareFile application. This link will allow you to access the ShareFile folder created specifically for your case. At this point, files can be easily added to your folder.

Example of the ShareFile email:



The following instructions shall be followed when uploading exhibits. This is imperative to ensure proper exhibit identification and tracking throughout trial.

  • Electronic exhibits shall be uploaded to the folder individually - one file per exhibit. Exhibits may have multiple pages.
  • Exhibits shall be uploaded with individual numbers and named in accordance with the Joint Statement of Evidence.

File naming examples:

Exhibit # - Participant Role - Exhibit Title 
Exhibit 5 - Plaintiff Anderson - Email dated 4-11-18 
Exhibit 199 - Respondent Seattle Hospital - Patient Memorandum dated 6-9-10

  • File names must also be neutral. For example:

Exhibit 1 - Plaintiff Anderson - Accident Scene Photo
Exhibit 1 - Plaintiff Anderson - Photo Showing Negligence

  • Word, Adobe Document, Excel, mp4, and image files are supported by ShareFile.


The following instructions shall be followed when uploading Depositions.  The Court Reporter Sealed Original must be physically delivered to the Assigned Judge's Mailroom at least 5 Court Days before trial. An electronic copy of the deposition transcript must be uploaded in the ShareFile folder using the naming protocols below:

  • Deposition of [name of witness], [date]

Example: Deposition of Michelle Anderson, January 4, 2020

  • Deposition of [name of witness], [date], Exhibit [#]

Example: Deposition of Michelle Anderson, January 4, 2020, Exhibit 1


Once uploaded and received by the Court, all exhibits and deposition transcripts will be 'shared' and made available to all parties via ShareFile.

For detailed instructions, email the addresses above. For a PDF file of these instructions, click HERE.

Video instructions for filing electronic exhibits via ShareFile: