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Mailing Address:
c/o King County Superior Court
516 3rd Ave, Room C-203
Seattle, WA 98104

Courtroom Number: W-965

Phone: 206-477-1417


Bailiff: Jim Petersen

Department: 15

Assignment: Civil

Judge Chung Biographical Information


Due to the health concerns raised by novel coronavirus, new Emergency Orders are in place.  Please reference Emergency Order #33  and the King County Superior Court Website

Court in Recess

  • Judge Chung's Court will be in recess from August 4-August 19, 2022.
  • Please do not note motions for these dates if possible.  Decisions for motions noted during this time will be completed the following week.

Appearing via Zoom

  • Court attire is required.
  • Log in at least 10 minutes before the meeting time.
  • Watch Virtual Meeting Tips.
  • Ensure your Witnesses and Clients have also watched Virtual Meeting Tips
  • Practice with each witness/client prior to joining the hearing/trial.

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  • General trial schedule is Monday through Thursday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
  • If your case is assigned to Judge Chung, there is the possibility that your case could be assigned to another judge at the time of trial.  The assignment will generally take place on Thursday afternoon prior to trial. You are still required to comply with all court rules regarding pretrial submissions and deadlines. All papers submitted will be provided to the trial judge at the time of assignment by Judge Chung’s bailiff. To determine what judge you have been assigned to for trial, please check the Civil Standby Calendar. It will be updated on Thursday afternoon prior to trial and is continuously updated (as needed) at other times.

Delivering Documents to the Court

  • Parties are encouraged to use the Clerk’s Office E-Working Copies service. 
  • Proposed orders are best submitted in Word format via eWorking Copies or email (but not both)
  • Judge Chung accepts stipulations and agreed orders via email. 
  • Please do not email any working copies directly to the Court except Stipulated Orders without prior permission.
  • Any Working Papers over 200 pages must be submitted as hard copies in 3 ring binders.

Dispositive Motion and Hearing Request

  • Dispositive motions are typically heard on Fridays.  Please email the bailiff with hearing requests.  Please provide the following:
    • Case Name and Cause Number
    • Type of Hearing and Dates Requested
    • Names of the Parties
  • Dispositive motions are typically allotted one hour for the hearing.  Please advise the bailiff if requesting additional time due to multiple parties or motions.  While Emergency Orders are in effect, Judge Chung will conduct dispositive motion hearings via Zoom.