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Mailing Address:

c/o King County Superior Court
516 Third Avenue, Room C-203
Seattle, WA 98104

Courtroom Number: W-864

Phone: 206-477-1543


Bailiff: Linda Nguyen

Department: 36

Assignment: Criminal

Judge Messitt will be on judicial leave July 1 thru July 25, please avoid setting any motions during that time. 


Accessing the Virtual Audio Courtroom Link via Skype or via Zoom

Hearings/Trial via Zoom

Meeting ID: 977 6819 0957

Passcode: 363636

Join by Video:

Join by phone: 1 (253) 215-8782

Join by SIP:


Court’s Conference Line via Skype

Skype Link: Join Skype Meeting

Skype Conference Line: 206-263-8114

PIN: 4273484#

Helpful Links

Temporary COVID 19 Procedures

Due to health concerns raised by novel coronavirus, new Emergency Orders are in place.  Please reference King County Superior Court’s main webpage to review current rules set forth in those emergency orders before noting hearings before the court.


Parties are to refer to the Superior Court Email Policy prior to sending an email to the Court.

The only address to be used by attorneys, pro se litigants or others who need to communicate with court staff about a case is the courtroom e-mail address.  Absent express invitation by the judge, the judge’s individual e-mail address is not to be used.

Rules to Review before Calling

Proposed Orders and Working Papers

Judge Messitt requires a Word version of all proposed orders.  You may submit a Word copy of your proposed order by email to  Alternatively, you may submit your proposed order via the e-filing portal by using the e-working copies application.

Working copies of motions and declarations must be submitted via the e-filing portal or by delivery to the Judges’ Mailing Room (CFJC - 3155) Children and Family Justice Center.  The Court cannot accept delivery of working papers by email or by delivery to the courtroom.

Non-Dispositive Motions

Please check the King County Superior Court Website at for the most current Emergency Order.

Dispositive Motions and Hearing Requests

Hearing Requests

Dispositive motions are heard on Fridays.  Judge Messitt requests that you attempt to coordinate with the opposing counsel/party before scheduling any hearing.  Doing so reduces the need to reschedule hearings due to conflicts.

Any request for a dispositive motion hearing must be emailed to the court and include the following:

  • Case number and name
  • Names, phone numbers and email addresses of all counsel/parties
  • Nature of hearing

The Court typically allots one hour for dispositive motions.  Additional time may be provided on hearings involving multiple parties or complex motions.  Please advise the bailiff if additional time is being requested.

Note:  Most motions do not require oral argument under the Civil or Local Rules.  If a party would like to request oral argument, the motion should be noted pursuant to the applicable court rules, simply noting in the upper right-hand corner of the working papers “Oral Argument Requested.”  If, after reviewing all briefing, the Court determines oral argument is appropriate, the bailiff will contact the parties and set a mutually acceptable time for oral argument.

Trial Procedures

Please review these general Trial Preparation guidelines for Judge Messitt’s court.

Civil Trial Exhibit

Updated Procedure due to COVID-19 Restrictions:

Electronic exhibits are to be used for civil trials at this time.  Instructions on uploading electronic exhibits can be found here: Electronic Exhibits - King County.  Please submit exhibits no later than five (5) court dates before the scheduled trial date.

Depositions are not to be marked as an exhibit since they become part of the court file.  Exhibits to the deposition may be marked as exhibits in evidence.  Please deliver Court Reporter Sealed Original depositions to the Judges’ Mailroom, C-203, with Judge Messitt’s name clearly marked.  An electronic copy of the deposition transcript must be uploaded to the ShareFile folder.

Court Transcripts

  • For cases with an assigned court reporter: If prior to the hearing or trial you know that you will want a copy of the transcript, please contact the court reporter.
  • For digitally recorded courtrooms: If prior to the hearing or trial you know that you will want a copy of the CD, notify the courtroom clerk, who will be able to provide the information needed at the end of the hearing. After the hearing or trial, if you determine you need a copy of the CD, it may be obtained directly from the Clerk's Office copy center. You will need to submit a completed CD Request Form.

Digitally Recorded Courtroom

The court proceedings in Department 36 are recorded by FTR Gold equipment, which digitally records all proceedings.  If you are requesting a copy of a recording, you will need to submit a completed CD Request Form to the Clerk’s Office.  If the parties are requesting a court reporter for a hearing/trial, please notify the bailiff as soon as possible.