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Mailing Address: rogers-pic
c/o King County Superior Court
516 3rd Ave, Room C-203
Seattle, WA 98104

Courtroom Number: E-942

Phone: 206-477-1597


Bailiff: Monica Gillum

Department: 45

Assignment: Presiding Judge

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Please observe the following practices when interacting with Judge Roger's court:

  • Please email the bailiff to schedule motions requiring oral argument. Include case name, number, and name of opposing counsel, and any deadlines that may be approaching that should be considered when scheduling. Such motions must be confirmed by the bailiff.
  • Do not confirm motions without oral argument. Set these in compliance with KCLR's notice requirements.
  • Please notify the bailiff to strike a motion or if the case has settled.
  • Copies of orders will not be mailed if pre-addressed envelopes to all parties are not provided.
  • No deliveries directly to the courtroom will be accepted, unless prior arrangements have been made with the bailiff. All deliveries should be made to the Judges' Mailroom, C-203.
  • Motions to continue that are designed to facilitate settlements involving payments over time or any other motions for continuance involving settlements must comply with Local Civil Rule 41 (e) which requires a Certificate of Settlement.
  • Our local rules have an additional requirement for the discovery conference that is a condition precedent to motions to compel under CR 37:  counsel must meet. This court interprets this as a meeting in person between or among counsel.
  • Proposed orders / working papers may not be submitted via email unless permission is granted by the court. Copies of orders will not be mailed unless pre-addressed envelopes to all parties are provided to the court.

Trial Exhibits

Plaintiff’s perspective exhibits start with the number 1 and move forward sequentially from there. Depending on how many exhibits there are and how many anticipatory additional exhibits may be introduced in the course of trial, defendant start theirs at the next 100 - e.g., 100, 200, 500, etc. The exhibits themselves should not be marked but tabbed in binders. The court clerk will physically mark them during the trial. Two sets of exhibits are needed - one for the court, and the other for the clerk. The clerk’s set are the original exhibits that will go to the jury during their deliberations and will be referenced by witnesses during the course of the trial.

RE: the Joint Statement of Evidence, both parties should prepare it collaboratively, listing any objections they have to each other’s exhibits. Exhibits not objected to on the Joint Statement may be admitted by the court on the first day of trial during motions in limine.


Originals should be sealed and published in open court in front of the jury, and when they are used for impeachment of testimony (the clerk opening the original that is sealed), the original deposition will be filed in the case file and not treated as an exhibit. Depositions that are not used (a.k.a. "published") are not filed and returned to counsel.


Judge Rogers would find it an honor to officiate your wedding. He is available 7 days a week by appointment.  Please contact his bailiff, Monica Gillum at for availability and fees.