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(a) Appointment. The Director of Judicial Administration shall be appointed by a majority of all of the judges and serve at the pleasure of the judges. Under the direction and supervision of the Presiding Judge, the specific powers and duties of the Director of Judicial Administration include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1) Administer the Department of Judicial Administration, including the maintaining of the official court files, (including those maintained in electronic form), records and indexes necessary for the efficient administration of justice and the court system, and supervising the performance of such other duties assigned to the department by the Presiding Judge or a majority of the judges.
(2) Employ, assign, supervise and direct the work of the employees of the Department of Judicial Administration.
(3) Assist the Presiding Judge in representing the court in dealing with governmental bodies, and other public and private groups having a reasonable interest in the record keeping of the court.
(4) Prepare a report for and attend judges’ meetings and attend those committee meetings where the presence of the Director of Judicial Administration would be reasonable and productive.
(5) Prepare an annual report to the court concerning the activities of the department.
(b) Vacancy. Upon a vacancy in the office of Director of Judicial Administration, the Executive Committee shall recruit qualified applicants for the position. This may include appointment of a special committee. The Executive and Special Committees will interview and screen candidates for the position, and shall present no more than three final candidates to the judges for their review and consideration. The candidate receiving a majority vote of all of the judges shall be named to the vacancy.

[Adopted effective September 1, 2016.]