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(a) Special Departments. Special departments of the court shall be established and assigned such business as is provided by law, by rules adopted by the Supreme Court or Washington State Superior Court Judges' Association (RCW 2.08.230), by these rules, or by the Presiding Judge. The following special departments are established:

(1) Presiding Judge's Department
(2) Unified Family Court Department
(3) Juvenile Court Department
(4) Ex Parte and Probate Department
(5) Criminal Department
(6) Civil Department
(b) Assignment of Judicial Officers. The Presiding Judge shall assign each judicial officer to one of the special departments to facilitate the efficient assignment of cases and motions. However, all judges shall have full authority to hear any case properly filed in King County Superior Court, regardless of that judge’s regular departmental assignment. No judge may reject a case assignment on the basis of departmental assignment.
(c) Departmental Manuals. Departments may maintain and develop departmental policy manuals. The manuals shall be updated as needed by the Chief Judge of the department, with any major policy changes to be approved by the Executive Committee.

[Adopted effective September 1, 2016.]