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Below you will find sets of commonly used juvenile offender forms. If you have questions about any of these forms, please contact the Juvenile Court. You also may wish to review the most recent edition of the Juvenile Disposition Manual compiled and published by the Washington State Caseload Forecast Council.

ONE WORD OF CAUTION: If you choose to use any of the forms provided here in MS Word format, please be advised that the appearance, page breaks, margins, fonts, and other aspects of the document that you prepare may be affected by the version of Word you are using. Please be sure that the completed document conforms to all rules governing acceptable document format, particularly those stated in General Rule 14. This includes but is not limited to the requirement that writing/printing shall appear on one side of the page only.

Form Name MS Word PDF
Note for Motion for Detention Review Based on Changed Circumstances Word PDF
Procedure: Motions for Detention Review PDF
Order Extending Juvenile Court Jurisdiction PDF
Order Waiving Arraignment and Setting Case Setting Hearing PDF
Order Waiving Mandatory Decline Hearing and Retaining Case in Juvenile Court PDF
Statement of Rights Pursuant to RCW 13.40.140 PDF
Form Name PDF
Motion and Order Continuing Case Setting Hearing and Speedy Trial Waiver PDF
Order Continuing Disposition Hearing and Waiving Speedy Trial PDF
Order Setting Case for Plea and Disposition, Plea Only, or Motion for Deferred Disposition PDF
Order Setting Fact Finding Hearing PDF
Form Name MS Word PDF
Motion to Seal Evaluation Conducted Pursuant to RCW 10.77 - Competency to Stand Trial and Order Establishing Presentation Schedule Word PDF
Order for Pretrial Competency Evaluation by Child Study and Treatment Center Word PDF
Form Name MS Word PDF
Order Revoking Stipulated Order of Continuance and Finding Respondent Guilty PDF
Respondent's Motion for Deferred Disposition Word PDF
Statement of Juvenile for Deferred Disposition Word PDF
Stipulated Order of Continuance PDF
Form Name PDF
Auto Crimes - Mandatory Minimum Sentencing PDF
Statement of Respondent on Plea of Guilty PDF
Appendix L of Plea Form - Felony Firearm Offender Notice of Registration Requirements PDF
Attachment A Paragraph 12(c) of Plea Form - Sex/Kidnapping Offender Notice of Registration Requirements PDF
Form Name MS Word PDF
Order Continuing Fact-Finding
Order on Omnibus Hearing PDF
Stipulated Order to Continue Omnibus Hearing PDF
Form Name PDF
Addendum for Youth Who Receive a Chemical Dependency Dispositional Alternative (CDDA) PDF
Juvenile Court Payment Instructions (Also read an overview of what these fees include and how they are administered by the court.) PDF
Notice of Ineligibility to Possess Firearm PDF
Notice of Rights on Appeal & Rights Pursuant to RCW 10.73 PDF
Notice of Rights on Appeal & Rights Pursuant to RCW 10.73 - Spanish PDF
Form Name MS Word PDF
Declaration of Interpreter Word PDF
How to Petition for Relief from the Duty to Register as a Sex Offender - Instructions & Forms   PDF
Motion, Certification and Order for Change of Judge and Order for Reassignment Word PDF
Note for Calendar Word PDF
Order and Finding on Failure to Appear PDF
Order Modifying Order of Disposition or Order of Deferred Disposition PDF
Order on Motion Word PDF
Order Revoking Suspended JRA Commitment - SSODA PDF
Petition and Declaration to Reinstate Driver's License Pursuant to RCW 69.41.065 PDF
Restoring the Right to Possess Firearms - Instructions & Forms PDF
Safety Plan - Short Form PDF
Sealing Records - Instructions & Forms PDF
Summary of Rights Concerning Sealing and Destruction of Juvenile Records PDF