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The King County Eviction Prevention and Rent Assistance Program (EPRAP) helps residents behind in rent and utility payments due to COVID-19 hardships. 

King County is no longer accepting new applications for rent assistance after February 28, 2022.

Please call 211 to connect to agencies throughout King County that may still have rent assistance resources available.

 For questions, contact:

The EPRAP Team:


 DCHS Rent Assistance

Need to check your status? Which best describes you?

If you registered for EPRAP before February 28, 2022, through the tenant portal on our website, there is still a possibility you will be selected to receive assistance. Each week, King County randomly selects registered tenants from the tenant pool to participate in the program. The number selected varies based on service providers' capacity. Existing applicants can continue to log into the tenant portal to get a status update.

King County EPRAP has limited funding available. Unfortunately, we will not be able to help everyone that has registered.

Whether you are waiting for rent assistance in the Tenant Pool or currently in the process of being served, if your landlord issues you an eviction notice, help is available.

Eviction-related Legal Assistance

Before you make decisions about leaving your unit or agree to a payment plan, find information about your rights and how the eviction process works at

For questions and general information about tenants' rights, call Solid Ground's Tenant Services Message Line at (206) 694-6767 or the Tenants Union of Washington State hotline at (206) 723-0500 or try

If you receive a pay-or-vacate notice in Seattle, call the City's Renting in Seattle Helpline at (206) 684-5700 to make sure it's a valid notice. The Eastside Legal Assistance Program can also provide legal help to tenants. Apply online or call their helpline: (425) 747-7274 (English) (425) 620-2778 (Español). Renters can also seek help from the Tenant Law Center at (206) 324-6890.

If you receive an eviction summons in King County, contact the Housing Justice Project at (206) 267-7069 or email Because of high demand, the Housing Justice Project cannot currently help tenants earlier in the eviction process, such as upon receipt of a 14-day notice.

EPRAP Payment Agreement

As part of receiving rent payments from King County, the landlord signed a Payment Agreement. This document includes information about the months that EPRAP paid your rent (the payment period) and the terms and conditions that the landlord agreed to, such as:

  • To not increase rent for six months after payment period.
  • To not issue late fees or additional charges for the payment period.

The agreement the landlord signed is available on the EPRAP Portal, which you can access here.

If you need additional help accessing these documents, you can reach out to your caseworker or email or call (206) 263-3481.

 Language Access

If you need language assistance: Please contact 206-263-3481.


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