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Achieve full, active, integrated and productive participation in community life.

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Our Vision

To assist King County residents of all ages and cultures who have developmental disabilities to achieve full, active, integrated, and productive participation in community life. 

Services for You and Your Family

Services include Birth-to-Three supports, community access opportunities, community support programs, employment services, family resource coordination, housing services, and in-home behavioral support services.

Community Inclusion Services are available to people who are of retirement age (62 years or older), or over 21 years who and have tried traditional employment services for nine months or more.

Community Inclusion Services are based in the community the person lives and services are designed to support the goals and interests of the participant to development of relationships, skills and connections.

Learn more about Community Inclusion

Services connect people to information, skills, and supports they need to live and participate in the community. 

Learn more about Information and Outreach

About 1 of every 8 children has a challenge with development that makes them eligible for Birth-to-Three services. With early support, most children can catch up to their peers.

If you have concerns, your child and family may be able to access services to help everyone gain skills and knowledge to support their child's unique needs.

Learn more about Birth-toThree services

Employment services are community based, and individuals are supported to earn minimum wage or better. Services and supports are tailored to the individual with goal that all individuals can work and contribute in their community.

Learn more about Employment services

School-to-Work takes a team approach. You work with a job coach, your school, your parents, the Washington State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and others to help you find a job before you leave school.

School-to-Work also gives you and your family information on other services and how to plan for your future.

Learn more about School-to-Work

Meet Our Team

  • Kendra Hinger, Business and Finance Officer Team Lead, 206-263-1952
  • Hope Lopez, Confidential Secretary, 206-263-1706
  • Luke Quinn, Operations and Contracts Manager, 206-852-4197
  • Holly Woo, Assistant Division Director, 206-263-9017
  • Sally Cannon, Early Support for Infants and Toddlers, 206-477-6699
  • Debi Donelan, Early Support for Infants and Toddlers Lead, 206-512-5302 
  • Hannah Locke, Early Childhood Innovations Lead, 206-512-0362
  • Ebasa Sarka, Workforce Development Training Resource Lead, 206-616-7375
  • Liz Snow, Early Support for Infants and Toddlers Lead, 206-502-5059
  • Sung Cho, Capacity Development Program Manager, 206-477-6988
  • Emily Hart, School-to-Work Program Manager, 206-477-7661
  • Karla Lynch, Employment and Community Inclusion Program Manager, 206-263-1102
  • Simon Rojas Reyes, Employment and Community Inclusion Program Manager, 206-263-8074
  • Gina Solberg, Employment and Community Inclusion Program Manager, 206-263-0797
  • Louis Lok, Program Evaluator Manager, 206-263-9047
  • Jim Ott, Information Outreach Manager, 206-263-9060


  • La'Tanya Brooks, Operations and Contracts Coordinator, 206-263-2105
  • Reginald Cole, Technical Assistance and Capacity Building (TACB), 206-263-6759
  • Amy Pak, Technical Assistance and Capacity Building (TACB), 206-263-8682
  • Lisa Pan, Operations and Contracts Coordinator, 206-477-9382
  • Laird Redway, Operations and Contracts Coordinator, 206-263-9624
  • Luke Quinn, Operations and Contracts Manager, 206-852-4197

  • Tom Carter, Business and Finance Officer, 206-263-5323
  • Moneeh Chau, Business and Finance Officer, 206-263-6798
  • Kendra Hinger, Business and Finance Officer Team Lead, 206-263-1952
  • Linda Tian, Business and Finance Officer, 206-447-7545
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Phone: 206-263-9105

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Fax: 206-205-1632