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The Board for Developmental Disabilities is a 9 to15-member citizen advisory board that provides input on services and supports  for people with developmental disabilities and delays, and their families.  Board members include self-advocates, family members, professionals and interested citizens . Members share an interest in improving services and quality of life for people with developmental disabilities.

Are you interested in volunteering on our board? You can learn more by downloading our Board Recruitment Flyer!  


Monthly Meetings

Meetings are virtual until further notice. To receive meeting reminders and materials, subscribe to the Board's email list:  GovDelivery Board for Developmental Disabilities.

 Where: Link to Zoom Webinar

 Passcode: 245352

 When: First Wednesday Each Month

 What time: 9:30 - 11:30 AM

2022 Meeting Date

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January 5




February 2




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April 6




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July 6




August 3




September 7



October 5




November 2




December 7






For more information, or to provide public comment at a meeting, contact:

Jim Ott, Program Manager


2021 Meeting Date

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January 6




February 2 (Tuesday)




March 2 (Tuesday)




April 7




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December 1





2020 Meeting Date

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Sign Up for Public Input

 If you have public input or an  announcement to present during the meeting, please sign up to in advance of the meeting by emailing  Jim Ott, at  In your email, please provide your name, and the subject you will  be providing input on. Public input is limited to three (3) minutes. Please provide the Board at least two (2) business days notice. For example, if the board meeting is on a Wednesday, please submit your request no later than the close of business on Monday.

Learn More About the Board

Volunteer Board

Theresa-Ann Clark, Council District Two, Partial Term expires 9/30/2021

Dr. Clark is a family physician advocating to solve the complexity of issues facing individuals affected by developmental disabilities. Her vision is to increase access to expertise in research, local asset mapping, and evidence-based solutions to complex problems and creating pathways for success to underserved populations.


Joe Cunningham, Council District One, Term expires 9/30/2023
Mr. Cunningham has extensive professional and volunteer experience advocating for the needs of people with disabilities. Joe has been a member of several boards and commissions focusing on meeting the needs of children and families. He will bring a wealth of knowledge about the developmental disabilities field to the board.

Laura Musso Escude, Council District 1, Term expires 9/30/2024

Ms. Escude is an Acoustical, Air Noise and Energy Engineer who advocates for her daughter and has benefited from family support services to navigate developmental disabilities resources and services. She wants to give back to the Hispanic community through outreach and advocacy for change.

Tiffany Lee, Council District Six, Term expires 9/30/2023
Ms. Lee is a Prenatal-to-Three Policy Advisor who wants to share her experiences and knowledge of early care and education with the developmental disabilities community to improve the holistic development for children and build a solid foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing.

Hameed Quraishi, Council District 7, Term expires 9/30/2024
Mr. Quraishi is retired and returning to the board to continue his efforts of advocating an effecting change for families navigating the developmental disabilities service system. He is aware that his voice, his perspective and his ideas can make a difference to influence public policy, laws and budgets to meet the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities.





Are you interested in working on issues or projects to positively impact individuals with developmental disabilities? Residents of King County including family and self-advocates, professionals and members of the provider community are encouraged to attend and participate.

Legislative Committee

The Committee meets in late summer/early fall to gain information and community perspective on issues of importance for the Legislative Session and plan the annual Legislative Forum.
Staff Contacts: Magan Cromar and Holly Woo

BYLAWS – Adopted March 2, 2022



  1. NAME

    King County Board for Developmental Disabilities



    The purpose of the Board is established in 71A.14.020 RCW. to provide directly or indirectly a continuum of care and services to persons with developmental disabilities within the county.


    1. Composition of the Board is established in 71.A.14.020 RCW and in King County Code Chapter 2.32.020.

      The King County Board seeks to achieve complete representation by recommending candidates who:

      1. Represent all areas of King County and are diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, economic status, and disability.

      2. Represent all areas of developmental disability as defined by RCW 48.01.035.

      3. Provide for one third self advocates or more, with the balance of the Board including family advocates, professionals, and interested allies.

    2. Selection and Appointment

      1. Members are appointed by the King County Executive and confirmed by the King County Council. The Director, Department of Community and Human Services, recommends candidates to the King County Executive. The Board participates in the selection of members by recruiting and interviewing candidates, and preparing recommendations concerning the appointment of candidates or reappointment of members.


      2. All appointees need to satisfy the eligibility criteria as defined by RCW 71.A.14.020. King County Code 2.28 and 2.32.020, and the King County Administrative Policies and Procedures as specified in LES 7-1 AEP “Boards and Commissions – Annual Reporting and Appointments.”

    3. Term of Office

      1. All Board members are appointed for three-year terms.

      2. At least one year (12 months) shall elapse following the end of the member’s second term before a former member may be appointed to the King County Board for Developmental Disabilities for a new term. The member must reapply for a position on the board and be evaluated along with all other candidates by the interview panel.

      3. In accordance with King County policies for Boards and Commissions, nothing in the above requirements prohibits a Board member from continuing to provide service on the Board until a replacement is appointed to his/her position.

    4. Duties

      1. In addition to the regular Board responsibilities, including monthly Board meetings, all members must actively serve on at least one standing committee.

      2. Members will arrive to meetings early enough to be prepared for the start of the meeting.

      3. Members who are going to be absent from a meeting are required to notify a staff member before any scheduled meeting of the Board or of any committee to which he/she has been appointed. Notification may be made either by email, text, or telephone.

    5. Conflict of Interest

      1. Upon appointment to the King County Board for Developmental Disabilities, a member shall immediately be required to resign from the boards of any agencies funded by the King County Developmental Disabilities Division.

      2. Board members shall disqualify themselves from participation in any discussion and/or vote on any matter in which a Board member or a member of his or her family has; (1) a financial interest, or (2) a personal interest, which would impair independence of judgment or action in the performance of the board member's duties.

      3. Board candidates and members shall comply with the provisions of the King County Code 3.04 Employee Code of Ethics as applicable to members of Boards and Commissions.

    6. Committee Meetings

      The purpose of Committee meetings is to gather, review and report information to the full Board for discussion, consideration, or final action.


    7. Action Items

      All committees must report to the full Board. Only the full Board can take action on recommendations made by committees to the Board.



    1. Board members will be ineligible to serve should they no longer reside in King County. When this occurs, the Chairperson or staff will notify the member that they must step down as they no longer meet residency requirements. The Chairperson or staff will make this notification in writing.

    2. The Executive Committee will review semi-annually the attendance of Board members. If a member has three consecutive unexcused absences from regularly scheduled board meetings, or a total of four unexcused absences within a 12-month period, they will be contacted and asked to resign.


    A leave of absence may be granted by the Chairperson if requested by a Board member due to extraordinary circumstances. When  granted, the member's term will continue to run and the member immediately relinquishes all privileges and obligations upon notice of the leave and during the leave. Leave of absence is limited to six months. The member shall give at least one-week notice in writing to the Chair before returning to the Board.


    If a Board member leaves before the end of their term, the vacancy shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term by appointment of the King County Executive. Selection procedures as required by King County Code 2.28, Section III-B will be followed.


    The elected officers of the King County Board for Developmental Disabilities shall be the Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson.

    1. Elections and Terms of Office

      The terms of office shall be for one year elected annually during the first quarter of the year at a regular meeting of the King County Board for Developmental Disabilities. Officers shall serve no more than two consecutive terms in each office.

    2. Vacancies in Office

      In the event the Chairperson is unable to fulfill their duties or resigns, the Vice-Chairperson automatically assumes the duties of the Chairperson until the next Board meeting, at which time elections for the Chair may be held. If the Vice-Chairperson is elected Chair, elections for the vacated Vice-Chairperson position will also be held.

    3. Duties

      1. The duties of the Chairperson are to:

        1. Preside at all meetings of the King County Board for Developmental Disabilities.

        2. Review and approve an agenda for all meeting of the King County Board or Developmental Disabilities.

        3. Perform other duties relevant to the Chairpersons positions.

        4. Perform other duties as requested by the King County Board for Developmental Disabilities.

      2. The Chairperson shall appoint committee Chairpersons and members with the Board’s consent annually during the second quarter of the year at a regular meeting of the King County Board for Developmental Disabilities.

      3. The Chairperson shall appoint Ad-hoc committee Chairpersons and members, as needed, during the year. Ad-hoc committee appointments do not need to take place at a regular meeting of the King County Board for Developmental Disabilities.

      4. The duties of the Vice-Chairperson shall be to represent the Chairperson in assigned duties and to substitute for the Chairperson during their absence. The Vice-Chairperson shall perform other duties as may be prescribed from time to time and assigned by the Chairperson of the King County Board for Developmental Disabilities.

      5. The King County Board for Developmental Disabilities will be staffed by the King County Developmental Disabilities and Early Childhood Supports Division.

      6. The Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson shall meet as needed with the Developmental Disabilities and Early Childhood Supports Division Director and designated staff.



    Committees of the King County Board for Developmental Disabilities will be the Executive Committee; Legislative Committee; Development, Engagement and Inclusion Committee; and other standing committees needed to carry out the Board’s work. Ad-hoc committee’s will be created as needed.

    1. Board Member Committee Membership

      Except for the Chairperson, all members of the King County Board for Developmental Disabilities shall be appointed to one or more of the standing committees.

      1. The Executive Committee shall include the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson and the Chairpersons of other committees.


      2. The Legislative and Policy Committee of at least two Board members shall be appointed by the Chairperson of the Board.

      3. The Development, Engagement, and Inclusion Committee of at least two Board members shall be appointed by the Chairperson of the Board.

      4. The Recruitment Committee of at least two members shall be appointed by the Chairperson of the Board.

      5. Ad-hoc committees of at least two Board members shall be appointed by the Chairperson of the Board as needed.



The regular meetings of the King County Board for Developmental Disabilities shall be held monthly unless deemed unnecessary by the Chairperson due to the lack of agenda items or proximity of the regular meeting date to legal holidays. All regular meetings are open to the public and are to be scheduled and announced in accordance with the Washington State Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA) to encourage attendance and participation by interested residents of King County.

  1. Executive Committee meetings shall be held on an as needed basis with at least one week's notice by the Chairperson to all members. In the case of emergency, every attempt will be made to notify all Executive Committee members.

  2. Standing committees shall meet at least twice a year.

  3. Ad-hoc committees shall meet as needed.

  4. Committee meetings that constitute more than a quorum of the Board are open to the public and are to be scheduled and announced in accordance with the Washington State Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA) to encourage attendance and participation by interested residents of King County.

  5. Special meetings shall be called by the Chairperson or one-third of the membership with at least three business days’ notice. Special meetings may be conducted by a conference call or in-person. All members of the Board are to be notified of the special meeting and a quorum of the Board must participate. Special meetings are to be used only in very special cases and are not to take the place of the regular meetings or to conduct business that can be addressed at a regular meeting.

X.      QUORUM

A legally constituted quorum of the King County Board for Development Disabilities at regular or special meetings shall be one-half of the membership.


The Chairperson shall ensure that minutes of the regular monthly Board Meeting are kept and distributed by designated staff of the King County Developmental Disabilities and Early Childhood Supports Division. Committee meeting minutes are only required to be taken when the meeting constitutes more than a quorum of the Board. All minutes should follow plain language guidelines.


These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the King County Board for Developmental Disabilities by at least a two-thirds vote of members present.




Interested in Joining the Board?

Application Deadline:

Board applications are currently being accepted. If you meet the requirements listed below, please complete an application.

Application Available Here

Applicants must meet all of the following requirements:

Applicants must be interested in assisting individuals with developmental disabilities to access available services and integrate into and become full participants in their communities.

  • Applicants must live in King County
  • Applicants must not have a close relative already serving on the King County Board for Developmental Disabilities
  • Applicants must not be a King County employee or on the staff or board of any agency that contracts with the King County Developmental Disabilities and Early Childhood Supports Division (A list of contract agencies is attached to the application)
  • Applicants must be able to devote a minimum of ten hours a month to board activities, which includes attending monthly meetings of the full board and serving on at least one committee

Appointment Process:

Current members of the board will review all applications and interview potential candidates. They will forward recommended candidates to the Director of the Department of Community and Human Services. The Director will recommend applicants for appointment to the King County Executive. Recommended individuals are required to complete a financial disclosure form. The County Executive appoints members to the board, subject to the approval of the King County Council. Appointments are for terms of up to three years.


Board Roles:

  • Planning: Board members participate in developing and updating plans for developmental disability services that identify community needs and establish priorities for the allocation of available funds. The board encourages interested individuals and community organizations to participate in the planning process. Board members also participate in the planning and decision-making processes of other public organizations to ensure that the concerns of people with developmental disabilities and their families are articulated and addressed.
  • Funding: Board members review the Developmental Disabilities Division's annual budget and advise on funding priorities.
  • Advocacy: Each year, the board develops a legislative agenda, which is presented to the King County Executive and Washington State Legislators representing King County districts. Recommendations also take the form of letters of support or are conveyed directly through personal meetings with elected officials.


Board Responsibilities:

  • Learn about the needs and supports for people with developmental disabilities and their families
  • Attend and actively participate in board and committee meetings
  • Serve on a least one committee of the board, read all materials in advance of meetings, and be prepared to participate in discussions
  • Invite people with developmental disabilities, their families, and others to explore common concerns and to engage in respectful discussions when differences arise
  • Be attuned to the community for information that may be of value to the work of the division and communicate the information to the board and/or staff
  • Convey information about developmental disabilities to individuals and organizations in your own community

For additional information about the board, including membership contact: Jim Ott.

King County seeks to create an inclusive and accessible process for individuals who wish to serve on a King County board or commission.  We strive to ensure that King County boards and commissions are representative of the communities we serve.  

In order to ensure appropriate composition and fill current expertise and representation gasps within the board, this recruitment will prioritize candidates who:

  • Identify as an individual with an intellectual or developmental disability;
  • Have lived or professional experience related to intellectual or developmental disabilities; and
  • Live in King County Council Districts 3, 5, 8, or 9.  If you are unsure of your Council District, use our District Finder!
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