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The King County School-to-Work Program (S2W) is a system-wide and student/family partnership that connects students with developmental disabilities to employment services early, while students are still in their high school transition programs. S2W has the motto “Jobs by June” with the goal that all students obtain paid employment prior to exiting their high school transition programs, the year they turn 21.

Watch this video to learn more about S2W:

For More Information

Contact Richard Wilson

S2W Program Manager


Contact Cassie Glenn

S2W Program Manager


Contact Emily Hart

S2W Program Manager


Contact TJ Protho

S2W Program Manager


S2W can help you with your next step.  Just apply with a S2W Application when you first start your high school transition program. We accept applications as early as possible to work with you and your teacher toward your next step.


When to Apply:


Transition Exit Year

Date-of-Birth Range

Best to Apply

No Later Than


9-1-01 through 8-31-02

When Entering Transition

September 2022


9-1-02 through 8-31-03

When Entering Transition

September 2023


9-1-03 through 8-31-04

When Entering Transition

September 2024


9-1-04 through 8-31-05

When Entering Transition

September 2025


Amharic/ 'አማርኛ
Hindi / हिन्दी
Russian / Pусский
Arabic/ العربية
Japanese / 漢字 
Somali / Soomaaliya
Chinese Simplified /中文
Korean /한국어
Spanish / Español
Chinese Traditional /漢語
Nepali / नेपाली 
Dari / دری 
Pashto / پښتو 
Tigrinya / ትግርኛ 
Portuguese / Português
Ukrainian /Українська
French / Français 
Punjabi / ਪੰਜਾਬੀ 
Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt


It is best to email, but you can also mail S2W your application:


Attn. School-to-Work

King County Department of Community and Human Services

Developmental Disabilities and Early Childhood Supports Division

401 Fifth Avenue, CNK-HS-0500

Seattle, WA 98104

Employment Service Agencies provide employment services for S2W students. Employment Consultants and Job Coaches work alongside students to offer their valuable talents and skills to businesses throughout King County. Employment Service Agencies also deliver ongoing support for students once hired.

It is important to learn about employment services and be prepared to meet with Employment Service Agencies. Here is a guide for selecting an employment agency: Family Guide for Selecting an Employment Service Agency

Different Employment Service Agencies work in different schools. Here is a list of S2W Employment Service Agency contacts and the primary school districts they serve: School-to-Work Providers and Primary School Districts

  1. Learn about S2W, how to apply, and how employment is a primary pathway to services in Washington State:
  2. All students served in S2W must be enrolled in DDA. Confirm your status or apply here:
  3. All students served in S2W must enroll in DVR. Anyone with a disability looking for employment should apply to DVR as early as age 14:
  4. All students served in S2W must have a pathway to long-term funded employment supports. Supports can be paid for privately, but nearly all people with long-term supports are funded by DDA. 
    • To prepare for DDA funded long-term employment support, apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) at age 18: Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    • Where SSI is not a path, less often Healthcare for Workers with Disabilities (HWD) is a pathway to DDA funded long-term employment support. Apply for HWD when you start a job: Healthcare for Workers with Disabilities (HWD) 


  5. A useful timeline by age for students on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Section 504 Plan:

  • Reach out to King County S2W Program Managers for more information:
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