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11th Annual MIDD Report Cover
10th Annual MIDD Report Cover
10th Annual MIDD Report Cover
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Ninth Annual Report
Year 8 (2015-2016)
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Progress Reports Year
Year 8 Progress Report  (10-1-15 to 3-31-16) 
Year 7 Progress Report (10-1-14 to 3-31-15)
Year 6 Progress Report (10-1-13 to 3-31-14)
Year 5 Progress Report (10-1-12 to 3-31-13)
Year 4 Progress Report (10-1-11 to 3-31-12)
Year 3 Progress Report (10-1-10 to 3-31-11)
Year 2 Progress Report (10-1-09 to 3-31-10)

As part of the renewal of MIDD in early 2016, County staff prepared 95 briefing papers to facilitate community review of existing programming and new concepts. Each briefing paper brought together information from current services, MIDD evaluation reports, relevant academic research, community engagement efforts, and/or new concept authors in order to analyze each programming option for MIDD 2. 

Four diverse review panels, corresponding to the four overarching MIDD 2 strategy areas, were convened in early March 2016 to review these briefing papers. Their work included sorting the strategies and concepts into high, medium, and low categories for potential funding consideration. The panels were constructed to bring in a diverse array of lived experiences, skills, knowledge, perspectives, and insights to the sorting process. Each review panel included a mix of community members and MIDD Advisory Committee members or their designees. These teams' sorting work, along with the discussions in the panels, informed MIDD 2 planning. (Other factors and input were also considered as final MIDD 2 funding decisions were made in 2016.)

MIDD 2 Briefing Paper Review Panel Sorting Results

Briefing papers considered by the different review panels are linked below. Please note that some existing programs and new concepts moved to different overarching strategy areas during later phases of the recommendation and budget allocation process.

For information about MIDD 2’s 53 funded programs, please visit the MIDD 2 Initiative Descriptions page.

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