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On May 28, six Renton neighbors accepted the challenge to see how much they could reduce their garbage. Over a period of four weeks, each family competed to drop the weight of their trash by at least 20 percent. You can meet the families Download PDF , 142 K and view the extensive news coverage of the competition. Here are the final results.

Recycle More Neighborhood Challenge results

We weighed the total garbage for the following six families over four consecutive weeks


Initial garbage
weigh-in May 28

June 5

June 12


June 26

Avg. compared to initial weigh-in

Family 1:

17 pounds

12.9 pounds

9.6 pounds

7.3 pounds

6 pounds

47% lost

Family 2:

30.8 pounds

17 pounds

18.5 pounds

20.1 pounds

15.4 pounds

42% lost

Family 3:

62.6 pounds

32.8 pounds

24.6 pounds

18 pounds

14.6 pounds

63% lost

Family 4:

7.4 pounds

5.2 pounds

3.9 pounds

4.5 pounds

3.9 pounds

46% lost

Family 5:

16.8 pounds

2.7 pounds

3.5 pounds

2.9 pounds

2 pounds

82% lost

Family 6:

11.6 pounds

29.8 pounds

18.4 pounds

12.6 pounds

8.9 pounds

147% gained

Tom Watson—King County’s resident "Garbologist"— judges the Recycle More Neighborhood Challenge.
Tom Watson—King County’s resident "Garbologist"— presided over the Recycle More Neighborhood Challenge.
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