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GreenTools provides green building training to King County staff to support project managers and team members in effectively implementing the Green Building Ordinance (GBO). Below are some of the trainings we provide.

GBO update, sustainable infrastructure scorecard, and annual reporting

Get up to speed on the new King County Green Building Ordinance (GBO). Learn about requirements and improvements related to reporting and checklist documentation. Learn about the different sustainable development categories and credits, the documentation process and the types of available resources.

Integrative process (ip) and eco-charrette

The Integrative Process (IP) and eco-charrettes provide a solid foundation for green building implementation. Distinguish the holistic approach of IP from “traditional” design and construction. Identify financial and operational benefits of utilizing IP. Learn what an eco-charrette is, why it is important, who it includes, and how to use an eco-charrette to get the best results for your project.

Resource life cycle cost analysis (rlcca)

Learn how rLCCA applies to KC green building and energy policies. Examples of how using the rLCCA tool can ultimately benefit your projects.

GHG calculation and mitigation tool

Tutorial on tools to help calculate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Learn how to use available resources to assess the environmental footprint for a variety of capital projects, focusing on emissions associated with energy, transportation impacts and materials.

Construction and demolition (c&d) materials diversion

Learn about the tools and resources that King County provides to help mitigate C&D waste. Get insight on how to obtain the highest possible diversion rates on your construction, demolition and deconstruction projects.

For more information contact Nori Catabay, Program Manager, King County Internal Green Building Team.

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