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Project Overview

King County, as the primary service provider to the King County Flood Control District (District), is planning to repair a revetment on the Snoqualmie River near Duvall that, if left unrepaired, could threaten nearby public roads and properties.

The Dutchman Road Revetment is located on the north bank of the Snoqualmie River, approximately one mile downstream of the Northeast Woodinville Duvall Road Bridge. In recent years, high river flows have damaged portions of the revetment creating a safety risk to the riverbank and the West Snoqualmie River Road Northeast.

The steep bank of the Dutchman Road Revetment is pictured from a boat on the Snoqualmie River.
This photo taken in 2019 shows a portion of the upstream end of the Dutchman Road Revetment from the Snoqualmie River.
Photo of West Snoqualmie River Road Northeast with the Snoqualmie River and the Dutchman Road Revetment on the right.
The Dutchman Road Revetment project site is pictured above looking east. The West Snoqualmie River Road Northeast is in the foreground.

This repair project will reduce flood and riverbank erosion risks to property, local utilities, and the West Snoqualmie River Road Northeast, which is a sole access road to homes and businesses. King County expects to complete this project by 2025.

A revetment is a structure built along a riverbank to prevent erosion. Revetments are usually built with rocks, wood, and other materials. Native plants are added to the upper riverbank to improve stability and provide habitat for fish and wildlife.
The Dutchman Road Revetment Repair Project on a map pictured north of the City of Duvall.
The location of the Dutchman Road Revetment repair project north of the City of Duvall. View a larger version of the map.

Project Goals

  • Repair damage and improve stability of the revetment to reduce flood risks.
  • Conduct repair in a timely manner to prevent more costly emergency repairs and long-term maintenance needs.
  • Maintain or improve habitat for salmon and other fish. 

Project Schedule

Activity Date
Design and permitting  2021-2023
Construction Summer 2024
Site monitoring and project closing 2024-2025

Construction Impacts

King County is working to limit the impacts of construction. Construction may temporarily impact use of West Snoqualmie River Road Northeast. The road will remain open but may have restricted lane access due to construction activity.

As the project is designed and permitted, King County will update this webpage. King County will notify local businesses and residents with updates as construction is planned and completed.

For more information about the Dutchman Road Revetment Repair, please contact Ashagrie Gelaw, King County River and Floodplain Management Section, Water and Land Resources Division, Department of Natural Resources and Parks.