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Project overview

The Gunter levee is in the City of Tukwila along the left bank of the Green River and provides flood risk reduction benefits to commercial areas of Tukwila. The Gunter project will assess existing levee conditions between river miles 15.9 and 16.8, develop and evaluate alternatives to meet flood hazard management objectives and consider other multi-benefit opportunities such as habitat and passive recreational enhancements.

Gunter Levee Project Location Map

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Project goal

As the service provider to the King County Flood Control District, King County will evaluate existing levee conditions along the Green River between river miles 15.9 and 16.8, and design and construct stable levee height increases to provide 500-year level of protection (a level of flooding that in any given year has a 1-in-500, or 0.2 percent, probability of occurring). Background Geotechnical analyses determined that the riverbank at this location is over-steep and is at risk of future slope failure. Reconstruction of the levee is important for reducing the potential of catastrophic flood emergencies and earning levee recertification from FEMA, which can influence future development opportunities in this commercial setting.

Public involvement

To stay informed on this project, please sign up for notifications. Outreach to residents, property owners, and stakeholders will begin in fall 2022, and opportunities to provide input on the design and alternatives will be offered.

Anticipated timeline

Potential schedule delays may occur depending on guidelines and restrictions related to COVID-19.

Milestone Date
Planning and alternatives selection 
 To be determined
Preliminary design (30 percent) 
 To be determined
Final design and permits 
 June 2023 - June 2025
 August 2025 – March 2026

 ​This timeline depends on timely resolution of right of way negotiations.

About the King County Flood Control District

The King County Flood Control District is a special purpose government created to provide funding and policy oversight for flood protection projects and programs in King County. The Flood Control District’s Board is composed of the members of the King County Council. The Water and Land Resources Division of the King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks develops and implements the approved flood protection projects and programs. Information is available at

For more information about the Gunter Levee Project, please contact Patty Robinson, Project and Program Manager, King County River and Floodplain Management Section, Water and Land Resources Division, Department of Natural Resources and Parks