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Visit this online forum to provide comments on the Pacific Right Bank Flood Protection Project between March 12 and April 13, 2018. An EIS is being prepared to determine reasonable alternatives for flood protection and to improve environmental conditions along this portion of the White River. We are actively seeking input on the proposed project from all interested stakeholders.

Queremos saber sus comentarios con respecto al proyecto propuesto sobre la protección contra inundaciones en la margen derecha (u occidental) del río White.

мы хотим получить ваши замечания по поводу предлагаемого проекта по защите от паводков для правого (или западного) берега Уайт-Ривер.

This project is one of two along the lower reach of the White River. The other is the Countyline Levee Setback Project.

The King County Flood Control District and King County have begun an environmental review process under the State Environmental Protection Act (SEPA) for the Pacific Right Bank Flood Protection Project. An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) will be prepared under SEPA and includes the following key steps: 

  • scoping comment period and public meeting;
  • developing alternatives;
  • evaluating alternatives, including no-action; and
  • selecting a preferred alternative.    

Public Involvement

A public outreach process is underway; the first step in the process is scoping. The goal of scoping is to gather input from all interested stakeholders about concerns, past conditions, and ideas related to the project. The scoping process includes a public comment period and meeting, held on March 27, 2018. Information from scoping will be used to develop project alternatives evaluated in the EIS.

The official scoping comment period has begun. Please provide your written comments between March 12 and April 13, 2018: 

     1. E-mail: 

     2. Online:  Click on the link: "Tell us what you think!"

     3. US mail:  King County
         River and Floodplain Management Section
         Attn: Jeanne Stypula
         201 S Jackson St., Suite 600
         Seattle, WA 98104

     4. In person:  Public Scoping Meeting, March 27, 2018, 6:30 - 08:00 pm
         Pacific Community Center
         100 3rd Ave SW
         Pacific, WA 98047

    5.  Drop off your comment forms at Pacific City Hall

Public Scoping Meeting Materials (March 27, 2018) 

New information will be available on this webpage as the SEPA and future public outreach efforts are scheduled.   

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 Project Area

The project will be located on the right bank floodplain of the White River in the City of Pacific extending from the BNSF Railway (RM 6.3) south to the King-Pierce County boundary line (RM 5.5), as shown on the map below.



 Click image to open the full map of the Right Bank Levee Setback Project site (29 MB, PDF). 


Significant flooding along the right bank of the White River in January 2009 directly impacted the neighborhood communities of White River Estates, 3rd and 4th Avenues, and Pacific Park. The goal of this project is to construct a flood protection structure on the right (west) bank, adjacent to residential neighborhoods, between the BNSF Railway and Government Canal, to significantly reduce the potential for river flooding of these neighborhoods.  

  • The project is needed because the extent of White River flooding has worsened due to sediment accumulation in the river channel. 
  • The project is in the feasibility and environmental review stage. Project site investigations and evaluations will be conducted through an environmental review (SEPA) process and will provide the basis for determining the most beneficial project design.
  • An EIS is being prepared for this flood protection proposal to evaluate up to four project configurations, including a no-action alternative. Adverse and beneficial impacts will be evaluated for each configuration.
  • The final project will restore off-channel rearing habitat for ESA-listed Chinook salmon and create other wildlife habitat.
  • The alignment and features of the future project are dependent upon detailed design analyses for the selected preferred design alternative, which is developed through the SEPA EIS process.
  • The selected design alternative may include a variety of project components, including property acquisition, levee construction, and floodplain restoration along the right bank (westerly) within the City of Pacific, between the BNSF Railway and Government Canal near the county boundary line.
  • Interim flood protection measures (i.e., the HESCO flood barrier) will remain in place for several years until the permanent project is designed and constructed.
  • Project work to date has focused on property acquisitions from willing sellers, installation and maintenance of the HESCO barriers, and some feasibility studies for the future levee setback project.   

Design alternatives and environmental analyses could include, but are not limited to: 

  • Analysis of flood and sediment conditions;
  • Analysis of setback levee alignment end points;
  • Park and river recreational uses;
  • Analysis of contaminated waste at the former dumpsite located beneath Pacific City Park;
  • Estimating volumes of artificial fill that can be removed to increase flood conveyance and storage capacity conditions in the project area;
  • Cost effectiveness analysis of alternative lengths and positioning of the levee setback;
  • Evaluation of proposed levee alignment as related to existing stormwater drainage system components (i.e., stormwater pond and outfalls); and
  • Coordination with the City of Pacific's feasibility analysis and design of the White River Estates proposed stormwater pond retrofit project.  


Project timeline: Updated March 2017 

Start feasibility studies Oct. 2014
Conduct environmental review (SEPA) process 2017-2019
Select preferred alternative for design 2019
Target for construction 2021-2022

Installed temporary flood-protection measures (HESCO barriers)        

Oct. 2009
Started property acquisition Dec. 2009
Installed additional HESCO barriers (extension and height)                 Nov. 2013
Additional acquisitions and HESCO barrier extension Oct. 2016

Project costs and sponsors

The King County River and Floodplain Management Section is overseeing the design and construction of this project, which is being implemented on behalf of the King County Flood Control District (external link). 

  • Project costs could range between $20 million to $30 million.
  • The project is currently in the King County Flood Control District’s six-year Capital Improvement Project plan.
  • Some acquisitions to date were grant supported from King County Conservation Futures Tax, and the King County Parks Expansion Levy.  

Supporting documents 

For help using Acrobat files, please visit our Acrobat help page

SEPA documents

Project documents 

External links to related information  


For more information about the White River, please contact Monica Walker, White River Basin Coordinator, King County River and Floodplain Management Section.