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October 2018 Newsletter
The 2018 issue reports on Lake Sammamish kokanee, the status and trends of Puget Lowland Ecoregion streams, the 2018 Science Seminar, stream monitoring news, regional trends on aquatic macroinvertebrates and Puget Sound marine water quality.

October 2017 Newsletter
This SciFYI reports on the Lake Sammamish kokanee, Puget Sound lowland stream trends, the 2018 Science Seminar and Stream Monitor newsletter, trends in stream bugs, and marine monitoring.

December 2016 Newsletter
This SciFYI reports on the Lake Union and the Ship Canal, hot water and low flow, the Usual Suspects, King County Environmental Lab’s new research vessel, the R/V SoundGuardian, King County’s Electrofishing Cataraft and bugs and stream basin health.

September 2015 Newsletter
SciFYI covers drought monitoring, high stream temperatures how to cool the waters in the Green River system, an overview of recently completed federal research grants, Lake Sammamish water quality response to land use change, stream bug monitoring, calculating carbon sequestration from tree plantings and the 2015 Annual Science Seminar.

October 2014 Newsletter
This edition of the SciFYI News features King County's Lake Stewardship Program, the Green River (WRIA 9) Stormwater Retrofit Project, Evaluating PCBs in the Green River Watershed, a 2014 water year summary, why Lake Washington fish are contaminated with PCBs, Science and Technical Support Equity and Social Justice Business Plan and the 2014 Annual Science Seminar.

November 2013 Newsletter
Science newsletter covering kokanee status in Lake Sammamish, Vashon/Maury Island monitoring program, swimming beach monitoring program, preventing New Zealand mudsnail spread, Dr. Ray Timm's doctoral dissertation on fluvial habitat conditions and their effect on salmon restoration, and hydrilla eradication in King County.

October, 2012 Newsletter
Science newsletter covering forest monitoring and salmon recovery, a stormwater retrofit project for Juanita Creek Basin, marine phytoplankton and nutrient monitoring, an overview of the Science and Technical Support Section and staff bios.

September, 2010 Newsletter
Special edition of the Science Newsletter written by young people and covering a variety of topics from science-related summer youth programs.

April, 2010 Newsletter
Special Edition featuring the work of King County's Environmental Laboratory.

February, 2010 Newsletter
Science newsletter science issues in King County, Washington covering flooding, Stuck River revetment repair, January 2009 flood magnitude results, climate change impacts on flooding and water year 2009 statistics.

August, 2009 Newsletter
Special edition of the Science Newsletter written by young people and covering a variety of topics from science-related summer youth programs.

June, 2009 Newsletter
Science newsletter describing activities and issues by the Science and Technical Support section, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks covering water quality monitoring at Denny Way CSO, data collection, section work activities and mission, eelgrass restoration at Brightwater marine outfall and science seminars.

For questions about the SciFYI Newsletter, please contact Larry Jones, Senior Water Quality Planner, Science and Technical Support Section.