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School district properties, like other properties with impervious surfaces, contribute to surface water problems, but schools can also help King County meet its community education goals.

The Surface Water Management (SWM) Fee School Discount program allows school districts in the unincorporated service area to apply for a waiver of the annual fee based on:

  • Documentation of education activities about surface water management.
  • Completion of maintenance corrections to the district’s stormwater and water quality drainage facilities and implementation of source control, pollution prevention practices. Maintenance corrections are determined by an inspection performed by King County personnel and documented in a Maintenance Correction letter sent to each district for each district-owned facility. Pollution prevention practices are documented in letters sent to the district after a water quality site audit is completed by King County staff.

The School Discount program supports school districts in providing curricula that encourage community stewardship of local water resources.

The program benefits the public in two ways: school district funds that would be spent on the SWM fees can be used for education and students learn how to protect and appreciate water resources.

Educator resources

For more information about King County's Surface Water Management (SWM) Fee School Discount Program, please contact Mary Rabourn, Communications Specialist, WLRD Stormwater Services Water Quality Compliance Unit.