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Program Overview

King County's Apprenticeship Program is committed to fostering partnerships with labor, business, and the local community to create a skilled workforce that reflects the diversity of the county's population. King County establishes apprenticeship requirements on select public works construction projects.  Apprenticeship requirements are based on the scope of work and the number of total labor hours anticipated to be worked on any given project.  King County desires to create and expand access to family wage jobs for any person interested in an apprenticeship career path.

  • Provides community members access to family wage jobs
  • Creates a pool of skilled workers to help fill the projected shortage of skilled labor
  • Provides economic stability to communities throughout King County
  • Apprenticeship programs are paid for by the trades, there is no additional expense to be an apprentice
  • Apprentices earn a living while learning on the job
  • $2.4 million earned by Apprentices
  • 447,068 total hour hours on projects with Apprenticeship requirements
  • 68,246 apprentice labor hours
  • 15.3% overall apprentice participation rate
  • 420 registered apprentices
  • 25.8% minority apprentice participation rate
  • 13.9% participation by women apprentices

A Community Workforce Agreement (CWA) is a comprehensive pre-hire collective bargaining agreement between King County and labor unions that sets the basic terms and conditions of employment for public works construction projects. The CWA includes the requirements for the Priority Hire Program. The terms of the CWA are negotiated individually for each King County public works project. Click here for additional information.

Visit Labor & Industries to learn how to become an apprentice.

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