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Apprenticeship Utilization Plan (AUP)

A plan submitted to the County by the contractor that outlines how the Apprentice Utilization Requirement will be met for projects that have an apprenticeship requirement. The plan should be submitted no later than ten (10) days following Notice of Selection. The AUP include the following:

  • An estimate of the total contract Labor Hours by trade and craft to be worked by the Contractor and all subcontractors.
  • An estimate of the total Labor Hours in each trade or craft to be worked by Apprentices and journey workers, and the anticipated dates when the work will start.
  • Specific efforts proposed by the Contractor and all subcontractors to achieve the Apprentice Utilization Requirement.
  • A rate of participation in each trade and/or craft, and an overall rate of participation that is not less than the Apprentice Utilization Requirement.

Click here to download the AUP form.

Monthly Utilization Report (MUR)

A form that can be used as a tool to capture contract labor hours and worker information which will then be reported online using the Contracts and Apprenticeship Report Tracking System (CARTS).

  • Labor hours shall be completed each month by the Contractor for themselves and each subcontractor for the month electronically using the BDCC Reporting Website.
  • The contractor shall collect, submit and update labor hours by the 10th of the month for the previous month.
  • Such subcontractor information shall be submitted prior to the county processing and paying any progress payment that includes such subcontractor work.
  • The BDCC Reporting Website is located at:

Click here to download the MUR form.