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How to use a co-op contract

  1. Search by commodity to find an organization that has a contract you can use.
  2. Submit a Request for Advice service request; identify the organization and contract number.
  3. We'll ask the supplier to sign off on King County's terms & conditions, and our insurance requirements. Then we'll create a King County CPA number for you to reference when you make purchases.

What is a co-op contract?

Cooperative ("co-op") contracts are contracts competitively bid by other organizations. They include language allowing other agencies to use, or "piggyback," on the contract.

Why use co-op contract?

They offer an opportunity to save time and money because you're using an existing solicitation instead of advertising a new one. It takes weeks instead of months!


Think co-op contracts for...

  • Bulk pricing for common commodities
  • Goods & services similar to County needs
  • Condensed timeline: weeks (vs months for King County solicitation)


    Co-op contracts may not be appropriate for:

  • Custom/Complex solutions
  • We need to control term/expiration dates
  • Very large quantities (we may get a better deal with a new solicitation)
  • For the best user experience, we recommend you use a web browser other than Internet Explorer (IE).

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