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The King County Investment Pool invests cash reserves for all County agencies and approximately 100 special districts and other public entities such as fire, school, sewer and water districts and other public authorities. It is one of the largest investment pools in the State, with an average asset balance of nearly $5 billion. On average, County agencies comprise 40 percent of the pool and outside districts 60 percent.

The Executive Finance Committee (EFC) establishes County investment policies and oversees the investment portfolio to ensure that specific investments comply with both those investment policies and State law. The Pool is only allowed to invest in certain types of highly-rated securities, including certificates of deposit, U.S. treasury obligations, federal agency obligations, municipal obligations, repurchase agreements and commercial paper.

August Gross Pool Earnings Rate: 1.10%



Annual Investment
Pool Meetings
Next Meeting: 
January 16 2020
9:00 am to 10:30 am
New Location:
King County Chinook Bldg
401 Fifth Ave Room 121
Seattle WA  98104

Location and directions

2020 IPAC Meetings

  • April 9
  • October 8

2020 EFC Meetings

  • January 16
Join by Calling
(206) 263-8114
Conference ID 756261#
  • April 23
  • July 23
  • October 22