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Select a tab below to display a list of King County investigations and current state and national outbreaks with reported King County cases:

Raw oyster-related investigations
Date posted
Last updated
Food business
Suspected organism
12-4-19 12-4-19 Brave Horse Tavern Norovirus
11-26-19 12-6-19 Evergreens restaurants (6 locations) E. coli
11-12-19 11-12-19 All Water Seafood & Oyster Bar Scrombroid
11-08-19 11-08-19 Sri Uma Thai Cuisine Norovirus
11-07-19 11-15-19 Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant Norovirus
10-16-19 11-04-19 Al Basha Restaurant Salmonella
09-20-19 10-02-19 The Greek House Norovirus
07-12-19 07-12-19 Private event Salmonella
04-08-19 09-30-19 Dave & Buster's Norovirus
04-17-19 09-30-19 Purple Café and Wine Bar, Cast Iron Studios, and Lot No. 3 in Bellevue Norovirus
03-20-19 03-20-19 Seafood City Grimontia hollisae
01-31-19 03-13-19 La Fuente Norovirus
01-28-19 03-13-19 Thai Woodinville Bacillus cereus
01-02-19 03-13-19 Xi'an Noodles Bacillus cereus
Raw oyster-related investigations
Date posted
Last updated
Food business
Suspected organism
07-06-18 04-04-19 Sodexo's Café Mario Shiga toxin-producing E. coli
11-30-18 03-13-19 Cascade Ridge Elementary School Shigella sonnei
09-26-18 02-19-19 Costco Wholesale Warehouse Deli Salmonella
08-17-18 12-07-18 Burien Fresh Smoothies Salmonella
08-10-18 12-07-18 Fremont Bowl Salmonella
06-15-18 07-13-18 Lahori Kabab-n-Grill Bacillus cereus or Clostridium perfringens
07-10-18 07-10-18 Unknown source Salmonella Javiana
05-25-18 07-02-18 Homegrown restaurants E. coli
05-18-18 06-05-18 Lockspot Cafe Norovirus
05-18-18 06-05-18 Italianissimo Ristorante Norovirus
05-18-18 06-05-18 Anthony's Homeport Norovirus
05-17-18 05-24-18 Okinawa Teriyaki Norovirus
05-04-18 05-04-18 125th Street Grill B. cereus and C. perfringens
03-10-18 03-26-18 Eric Gorbman Catering Shigella
01-18-18 01-23-18 Pho Aroma Norovirus

Raw oyster-related investigations

*If you need outbreak investigations older than 2017, please contact us.

Date posted
Last updated
Food business
Suspected organism
12-29-17 01-08-18 Wild Ginger Norovirus
12-13-17 12-18-17 Mama Stortini's Restaurant & Bar Norovirus
11-22-17 12-11-17 Miller's Guild Salmonellosis
11-16-17 11-22-17 Elliott's Oyster House Norovirus
11-06-17 Rachel's Ginger Beer and Ma'Ono Fried Chicken Norovirus
10-27-17 11-06-17 Subway Norovirus
10-27-17 Bombay Grill Norovirus
08-30-17 Private event Campylobacter
08-28-17 Café Juanita Campylobacter
08-11-17 08-17-17 SAMBICA: Summer Camp and Retreat Center Norovirus
07-31-17 08-23-17 Tilapia from Seattle Supermarket Vibrio vulnificus
07-28-17 09-27-17 Salmonella outbreak Salmonella Stanley
07-13-17 The White Swan Public House Vibrio parahaemolyticus
07-12-17 07-17-17 Salted Sea Vibrio parahaemolyticus
04-28-17 05-01-17 La Hacienda Norovirus
04-27-17 Rancho Bravo Tacos Bacterial toxin
03-23-17 03-28-17 Girin Norovirus
03-21-17 The Crab Pot Norovirus
03-15-17 03-16-17 Mi Tierra Norovirus
01-27-17 Taylor Shellfish Norovirus

This lists state and national foodborne illness outbreaks and recalls with reported cases in King County. For more information about the outbreak or recall, and the investigation, please follow the links below for the agencies leading the investigations.

Infographic from the CDC describing the three types of data health officials use to solve foodborne outbreaks.

See the CDC's webpage on Investigating Outbreaks and related infographic (PDF) describing the three types of data public health officials use to solve foodborne outbreaks.

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