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Hepatitis B is preventable. Testing, vaccination, and treatment helps protect everyone.

Continue to bring your baby or toddler to the clinic for vaccinations
and hepatitis B testing during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Doctors and clinics are adapting to provide safe environments for your family.

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Hepatitis B: Are You At Risk?

Hepatitis B: Are You At Risk?

Getting tested lets a person know if he or she has Hepatitis B. There are treatments available for Hepatitis B that can help prevent serious liver damage. People who find out they have Hepatitis B can also keep other family members healthy. This is why women are always tested for Hepatitis B when they are pregnant. Family members who have never had Hepatitis B can get a vaccine to protect them from getting it.

Download a flyer in multiple languages:

No Warning Sign for Hepatitis B

This 30 second video PSA is available in multiple languages:

When Someone in the Family has Hepatitis B

This 30 second video PSA is available in multiple languages:

Protect Your Baby for Life: When a pregnant person Has Hepatitis B

Why should pregnant people be concerned about hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is a serious liver disease that can be easily passed to others. It is important for a woman to find out if she has hepatitis B, so she can get medical care. It is also possible for a pregnant person with hepatitis B to pass the virus to her baby at birth. Fortunately, there is a vaccine to prevent babies from getting hepatitis B.

Download a brochure below available in multiple languages:

Hepatitis B information video for pregnant people from the Minnesota Dept. of Health. Also available in Somali and Karen:

Will your baby be cared for in China before they are 13 months old?
Make a plan with the doctor to make sure your baby is vaccinated and tested on time. Follow this guide available in English and Chinese.

The Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program is a case management service provided by Public Health for pregnant people with hepatitis B and their infants. Pregnant people who are infected with hepatitis B and their infants may be automatically enrolled in the program after Public Health is notified by their provider, clinic, hospital, or lab.

The program helps mothers, parents, and guardians take the steps necessary to protect their babies from hepatitis B

Services include:

  • hepatitis B vaccine and testing reminder calls or letters to moms, parents, and guardians
  • coordinating clinic appointments for enrolled clients
  • client hepatitis B education and resources

For questions and client services call 206-296-4774 and ask for the perinatal hepatitis B team.

See program performance data and select 'Public Health Programs' then Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program.

Community partners for hepatitis B testing and hepatitis B vaccine