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In addition to the services that we provide for patients who are highly suspected of having infectious active TB, or who are diagnosed with active TB disease, the TB Control Program provides the following LTBI (latent TB infection) services.

Tuberculin skin test (TST), or QuantiFERON (QFT) if appropriate, for:

  1. Close contacts of a recent infectious TB case ("significant TB exposure" defined by the Program)
  2. Immigrants with "Class B1" status (abnormal chest X-rays consistent with pulmonary TB, identified through immigration screening process)

CXR for:

  1. Close contacts who are:
    1. TST or QFT positive, or
    2. Children under 5 years old or severely-immunocompromised requiring window period prophylaxis after significant TB exposure (e.g., HIV infection, organ transplant, certain immunosuppressive medications.)
  2. Close contacts who have compatible symptoms of active TB.
  3. Selected cases with approval of a TB Program physician

Treatment of LTBI: individuals with latent TB infection who are also:

  1. Contacts of a recent infectious case ("significant TB exposure" occurred within the past 2 years.)
  2. Persons with Class B status who are at high risk of progression to active infectious TB.