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The purpose of this site is to provide you with the information necessary to respond to COVID-19 transmission at your facility.  This guidance applies if one or more cases are identified at your facility, regardless of your outbreak status. See outbreak definitions below.

This toolkit is intended for independent facilities only. For skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, adult family homes, inpatient behavioral health facilities, and supported living (group homes only) with COVID-19 cases, please refer to the long-term care facilities toolkit.

COVID-19 guidance is changing all the time, please bookmark the following sites and review them often:

The current definition of a COVID-19 outbreak at an independent living facility is:

  • Two or more confirmed COVID-19 (staff or resident) that onset within 14 days of each other AND have no clear epidemiological linkage (“epi-link”) outside the facility. An epi-link occurs when there is known or suspected transmission (spread) between two or more positive cases (excluding household members).

Create and maintain a positive COVID-19 case list. Include all residents, clients, patients, students, employees, volunteers, and contractors at your facility who test positive for COVID-19. If you are in a confirmed outbreak, you will use this list to submit a weekly cumulative case counts to Public Health. You may be asked to submit a final case list at the end of the outbreak investigation. Download a COVID-19 Case List template (MS Excel).

Report to Public Health – Seattle & King County

  • Report positive COVID cases: If there is not an ongoing investigation associated with your facility, report any positive COVID cases (including residents/patients/staff/contractors) using the Public Health COVID-19 Intake Survey. You will receive a confirmatory email with additional information and guidance links.
  • Investigation start: After your report has been processed, Public Health may open an investigation for your facility. You will receive an email with follow up instructions and a COVID-19 Investigator may contact you. An investigation is a non-punitive Public Health process for collecting information about how a disease is affecting our community and for providing guidance and resources.
  • Submit weekly investigation updates: Every Monday while the investigation is open, you will receive an email prompting you to submit a weekly investigation update. Use the Investigation Update Form link provided to you to report a cumulative case count, most recent symptom onset date, and any hospitalizations or deaths associated with your facility. Report every week even if your facility has no additional cases.
  • Investigation closure:
    • If your facility meets outbreak criteria, your investigation will close when 15 days have passed since the last positive COVID case was identified. At this time Public Health may send you an email requesting that you submit a complete COVID-19 case list. Download a COVID-19 Case List template (MS Excel).
    • If your facility does not meet outbreak criteria, your investigation will close when 8 days have passed since the last positive COVID case was identified.
  • Report subsequent cases: After the investigation is closed, subsequent cases should be reported using thee Public Health COVID-19 Intake Survey.

Report to Labor & Industries

If you identify 10 or more employee infections within 14 consecutive calendar days and/or PHSKC communicates to you that there is a confirmed COVID-19 outbreak at your workplace or work site at your work, you have 24 hours to report the outbreak by calling L&I's Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) at 1-800-4BE-SAFE (or 1-800-423-7233.)

When you call, follow the menu option for “reporting fatalities, hospitalizations, amputations or loss of an eye.”

Notify all staff, residents, and applicable resident families

Notify all staff, residents, and applicable resident families of COVID-19 in your facility while maintaining confidentiality of the positive case(s).

Ordering PPE Supplies

  • Please make all attempts to order PPE through your distributor or other resources.

  • If unsuccessful, please place an order through Public Health – Seattle & King County. Limited supply available.

Please notify your investigator if your facility is having difficulty providing critical services to residents due to isolation or quarantine of staff.

For staffing isolation support or coverage concerns, call the King County COVID-19 Call Center at 206-477-3977.


Cleaning and disinfection guidance

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