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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Effective October 1, the Household Assistance Request Program will be limited to only those with a positive, recent COVID-19 test result. Close contacts of those who test positive will no longer be eligible for this program.

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Do you and your family need financial support to successfully isolate or quarantine? Anyone living in King County who tests positive to COVID-19 may be eligible to receive a one-time household bill payment of up to $1,500 to help pay their current rent, mortgage, utility, water, phone and internet bills. The Household Assistance Request program is funded by the Department of Health Care Connect Washington program and will continue for as long as funds are available.

How do I qualify or enroll?

No application is necessary. Those with a recent positive COVID-19 test will receive a call or text from Washington State Department of Health Contact Tracing. If you tested positive through a homebased self-collected test, we encourage you to report the result to the Washington State Department of Health at 1-800-525-0127. This will start the enrollment process to determine eligibility. Language assistance will be available.


There is no income or citizenship requirement. To qualify, individuals must:

  • indicate financial need.
  • have a recent positive COVID-19 test result
  • be in quarantine or isolation and have at least one day left of isolation.
  • live in King County.
  • not be receiving other federal benefits such as Section 8 or local emergency assistance programs or local benefits that already cover the monthly bills.

How it works

  • Clients who meet eligibility requirements will have 10 days from the time they connect with King County Community Health Worker to submit copies of their bills to Public Health – Seattle & King County.
  • Community Health Workers will be available to assist individuals with submitting their documents.
  • Payments will be made directly to vendors for each bill.
  • The program covers current rent, mortgage, utility, water, phone and internet bills. Bills on a bi-monthly statement cycle will also be paid in full.
  • Funds cannot be used to pay credit cards, medical bills, car loans, insurance or tax payments or any bills that exceed one month or are past due.

Quarantine and Isolation

Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 or who are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 and have a test result pending may place other members of the public at risk. It is important to quarantine or isolate to protect the health of our community and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Read more about the Quarantine Directive and Isolation Order issued by our King County Health Care Officer.

Contact Tracing

If you test positive or have been exposed to someone who has, health investigators known as contact tracers will reach out to help determine when you got sick and who you might have exposed. They will then work with you to let your close contacts know what precautions to take and where to get a free test. Learn about the contact tracing process here.

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