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To prevent the spread of COVID-19 in King County and take care of the health and safety of our communities, it is critical to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest information about COVID-19. King County’s COVID-19 Training and Capacity Building Program can help!

We provide the latest information, resources, and guidance on COVID-19. We strive to provide culturally relevant presentations and Trainings, in-language, when possible, answer questions and provide information to communities, businesses, and organizations to ensure their staff, clients, customers, and families have the knowledge and skills to stay safe and healthy during this time.

Sample topic list:

  • Latest COVID-19 guidance and mandates
  • Updates on vaccines, boosters, third shots, etc.
  • How to stay safe and prevent giving or getting COVID-19
  • A "Training of Trainers" for staff, outreach workers, medical practitioners, etc. about how to respectfully talk about the COVID-19 vaccine with people who are not vaccinated
  • Health equity and COVID-19

Upon request:

  • We provide we can provide education in various languages including Amharic, Arabic, English, French, Lingala, Oromo, and Spanish. If we are not able to provide a presentation in-language, we will provide interpretation.
  • We provide ASL interpretation, alt text, closed or live captioning, sending materials in advance, transcripts, and translation of materials into Braille.

Submit a request for a presentation in the form below or email Becky Reitzes, the Program Manager for the Training and Capacity Building Program at

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ASL Interpreters
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Materials mailed in braille
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What concerns does your group want to address?

What might be key topic areas you want covered during this time?

Has your audience had a COVID-19 webinar before?

How many people do you anticipate being on the call?

How did you hear about presentation requests with the King County Community Training and Capacity Program?

Biweekly COVID-19 Community Partners’ Call

Join us for our biweekly Community Partners’ zoom call focused on updating community organizations, local businesses, and community members about all things new in COVID. This call is:

  • Presented in English, with live interpretation in Somali, Spanish, French, and ASL and includes closed captioning in English.
  • Presentación en inglés, con interpretación en vivo en somalí, español, francés, y Lenguaje de signos americano.
  • Waxaa lagu soo bandhigayaa Ingiriis, iyadoo af-Soomaali, Isbaanish, Faransiis, iyo Luqadda Calaamadaha Ameerika lagu tarjumayo toos.
  • Présenté en anglais, avec interprétation simultanee en somali, espagnol, francais, et en langue des signes américaine.

Topics include:

  • King County current COVID-19 trends
  • Updates on new variants, testing, vaccines and boosters
  • Latest King County COVID-19 guidance and mandates
  • Community resources

 When: Every other Wednesday from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

 Where: Zoom Meeting –

 Contact: Email for information about the next meeting.

 ASL interpretation provided

The Community Partners’ Calls are recorded and sent out after meetings, and some previous recordings can be found on this Public Health YouTube Playlist and watched with closed captioning.

Email for additional interpreter requests or to get added to the email list for the Community Partners’ Call.

Immigrant Women's Community Center

Immigrant Women's Community Center

COVID community presentations have been such a vital resource for our community. Not only was the information very empowering, but the ability to ask questions in a smaller, more comfortable space was greatly beneficial. Having interpreters present meant that our diverse community members did not have to worry about their misunderstood questions, an unfortunately common occurrence in medical settings. When the different variants started spreading more rapidly in King County, it was a relief to know where to refer community members to get the support they needed."

Nura Adam, Executive Director of the Immigrant Women's Community Center

The community is constantly asking me to bring back the speakers from King County to educate them on any topic surfacing the media they truly enjoy getting the real up to date information."

Ahado Abdi, Mother Africa

Ahado Abdi, Mother Africa

Ahado Abdi
Mother Africa

Mother Africa staff

Mother Africa staff

Ever since the pandemic hit, our African and Middle Eastern community has been flooded with fake news about how it may affect us. We lived in a constant state of anxiety and did not have the necessary tools to make healthy decisions to protect ourselves and our loved ones. King County Public Health stepped in and partnered with Mother Africa to help us quell misinformation within our community. With their support, we were able to host multiple educational sessions in different languages with different speakers. So much so that now our community knows the speakers on a first-name basis. We have seen a significant increase in engagement from our community, who now feel comfortable and relaxed to ask questions that pertain to their health and wellbeing during these trying times. We received several anecdotes from our community about how our presenters are reliable and trustworthy sources of information. Thanks to these presentations, our community is now part of the conversation and is well equipped to make sound decisions to protect itself and its larger community."

Cindy Amir, Communications Coordinator for Mother Africa

Con Confianza y En Communidad

Acompáñenos cada Martes a las 5pm para recibir la información más actualizada del coronavirus, compartir recursos, sus preocupaciones e identificar soluciones, mientras nos apoyamos uno al otro con confianza y en comunidad.

 Por Facebook: @CondadodeKing

 Por Zoom: j/95001879122

Estas son algunas de las organizaciones que han asistido regularmente: Villa Comunitaria, Centro Rendu/St. Vincent de Paul, Latino Community Fund, Casa Latina, Latino Northwest Communications, King County Promotores Network, University of Washington, Latinx Health Board, El Centro de la Raza, Church Council of Greater Seattle, entre muchos más que comparten la información con sus colegas y las comunidades a las que sirven. ¡Gracias!

Presentations de con confianza y en la comunidad:

Ginna Hernandez, Latinx Community Response Team

Ginna Hernandez
Latinx Community Response Team

Giselle Zapata-Garcia, Latinx Community Response Team

Giselle Zapata-Garcia
Latinx Community Response Team

During these challenging and uncertain times, it is imperative to establish connections with all communities, but especially communities who historically the system has failed to serve.

Right now, immigrant communities are facing so many additional uncertainties, so it is our duty to eliminate language barriers and provide crucial information in culturally relevant and accessible ways.

In the long run, this investment can save lives and will result in a thriving and healthier community."

Giselle Zapata-Garcia, Latinx Community Response Team

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