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Texting toolkits

Meet them where they text: A guide for implementing a texting-for-health program through school-based health centers
The goal of this guide is to provide you with the information you need to get a texting program started at your school. We've thought about the common limits on resources that school-based health centers might have, including staffing and budget, to come up with a program that is easy and cheap to run.

Texting for Public Health: Emergency Communication, Health Promotion, and Beyond
We present our on-the-ground work and research in text messaging to teach the essential components for developing a texting program for public health organizations that want to send timely, personalized messages to promote and protect health. This toolkit was built in partnership with the Northwest Center for Public Health Practice.

Why text for Public Health? How do we get people to opt-in? Logistics, costs, and vendors What are the legal implications? Texting teens toolkit Pilot projects About us Resources and references

Researchers at Public Health - Seattle & King County explored these topics through a grant funded by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and in collaboration with the Northwest Center for Public Health Practice.

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