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The King County Medical Examiner's Office employs the State Forensic Anthropologist, Dr. Andrew Seidel. The services provided by KCMEO are available to all counties within the state of Washington at no cost to the requesting county. Anthropology services can also be provided to agencies outside the state of Washington for a fee.

Services provided by the Forensic Anthropologist include:

  • Anthropological processing
    • Decomposed, partially skeletonized, and burned bodies
  • Radiological analysis
  • Skeletal identification
    • Skeletal analysis and inventory
    • Biological profiling
  • Skeletal trauma analysis
    • Cranial reconstruction
    • Blunt force injuries, gunshot wounds, and sharp force wounds
  • Surface body search and recovery
  • Buried body excavation
  • Human/non-human discrimination

Please call 206-731-3232 to request anthropological services or email