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An individual who is trained and able to help consumers look for health coverage options through Washington Healthplanfinder. They can help you complete eligibility and enrollment forms. These individuals and organizations are required to be unbiased. Their services are free to consumers. This webpage is to provide tips and best practice guidelines for those trained as a Navigator.

For King County residents: Learn where you can contact a Navigator nearest you for assistance with health insurance enrollment.

Learning Management System (LMS) course assistance

Need assistance with taking LMS courses? Watch our helpful demo or download the PDFs below:

  1. Accessing the Learning Management System (LMS) — PDF only
  2. Accessing the Learning Management System (LMS) — with Video Demo
  3. Disabling Pop-up Blocker in Edge & Chrome
  4. LMS Troubleshooting Guide

Tips and best practices

Do you have a complaint or question regarding health insurance or other services provided by the King County Navigators at Public Health? Contact us.

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