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2022 reports

2021 reports

  • Detention and Alternatives Report (DAR)
    A monthly statistical report that presents detailed data on the adult secure detention population at both the Seattle Division (King County Correctional Facility) and the Kent Division (Maleng Regional Justice Center), the Community Corrections Division (adult alternatives to secure detention), and the juvenile secure detention population and juvenile alternatives to secure detention at the Juvenile Division (Children and Family Justice Center).

  • Scorecard
    A 2021 year-end summary of DAR.
  • Pre-Sentence Felons by Most Serious Offense
    A detailed report on the adult pre-sentence felon population by the most serious offense for the booking. Pre-sentence is defined as the portion of the criminal justice process from time of arrest to time of sentencing or acquittal. This report looks at the monthly counts and 3-month rolling averages for this population and measures such as Average Daily Population (ADP) and Average Length of Stay (ALOS).

  • Demographic Breakdown
    A two-page report that includes data on ADP by Housing Location (Secure, Work Release, and Electronic Home Detention) and Demographics (Age, Race, Gender), as well as demographic data on Bookings and Unique Persons Incarcerated. Bookings look at persons admitted to the facility during the month, and so a person may be counted multiple times. Unique Persons Incarcerated looks at all persons in custody for that month, regardless of booking activity.


The process of identifying, fingerprinting, and gathering information about an arrested person who is being admitted to adult or juvenile detention.

Bookings are event-based versus person-based. In other words, some people are booked more than one time during the year.

Number of Bookings is the total number of Bookings in the year.

A Release ends the Booking event. Number of Releases is the total number of Releases in the year, including persons transferred to other jurisdictions. Temporary absences from the facility for medical or other reasons (such as psychiatric observation) are not counted as Releases.
Average number of inmates who are confined in the adult secure detention facilities (KCCF or RJC) or juvenile detention or average number of inmates who are partially confined in the adult alternative to secure programs of Work Education Release or Electronic Home Detention or juvenile alternative to secure programs of Electronic Home Detention or Group Care per day during the year.
Average number of days a person spends in a program or adult or juvenile detention.