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Property Research

Check jurisdiction and zoning to determine whether your property is located in unincorporated King County or is located within city limits.

Find your jurisdiction

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No pre-application meeting required

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Apply online or download application materials

Visit to apply online. Select; King County | Fire | (Project Type) | (Activity Type) | Storage Tanks.

or see,

Fire System Packet; Fuel Tanks, Installation and Relocation or Decommissioning Underground Fuel Tanks

Important note: For new or relocated fuel tanks, a gas piping permit must be obtained from the Seattle King County Department of Public Health, Environmental Health

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Application review

King County will perform a review of the application to ensure code compliance.

Permit status

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King County inspects work to ensure code compliance.

Gas piping inspection must occur prior to inspection of your LPG tank permit, call 206-296-4932 to schedule an inspection. 

Schedule a fuel tank permit inspection:
Phone IVR, call 206-971-9780 - IVR Codes
Office phone 206-296-6600

Additional information
Keep final plans and permits displayed on-site!

Approved building and land use permits must be displayed prominently on construction and development sites.

Maintaining these records on-site is the responsibility of the applicant and/or contractor.

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