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Conversion Option Harvest Plans are voluntary timber harvesting plans developed by landowners and approved by the King County Department of Permitting and Environmental Review. Refer to the Conversion Option Harvest Plan Fact Sheet for detailed information.

These plans indicate restrictions on timber harvest, road location, critical areas protection, and erosion sedimentation control. In short, Conversion Option Harvest Plans define the local government standards and regulations which the landowner must follow in areas where future land conversion (development) may occur.

Conversion Option Harvest Plans are typically developed if the property owner is uncertain on what they intend to do with their property in the future. An approved Conversion Option Harvest Plan will protect the right to develop property without being subjected to a 6 year development moratorium, which would typically be imposed after a timber harvest.

Conversion Option Harvest Plans submittals

Please see the Conversion Option Harvest Plans packet for application materials.

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