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What is the purpose of a forest practices permit?

Forest practices permits are designed to protect public resources while assuring that the state of Washington continues to be a productive timber growing area.

What activities require this type of permit?

A forest practice permit is required whenever more than 5,000 board feet of merchantable timber is harvested from an area or property.

Forest practices fall into four classifications (see forest practices for detailed information). Class I and II forest practices on properties located outside of the Urban Growth Area and Class III and IV-Special forest practices are permitted through the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and do not require a clearing permit from King County Department of Local Services, Permitting Division (Permitting).

Class IV-General forest practices are administered by King County through Permitting. Please refer to Class IV-General forest practices for the type of Class IV forest practice permit that is processed in a similar manner as a standard clearing and grading permit and the type involving a long term forest management plan. In addition, Permitting also reviews Conversion Option Harvest Plans (COHP) which can relieve a landowner from the mandatory development moratorium associated with forest practice permits issued by DNR.

How much will it cost?

See the Permitting Department's current fee schedule for an estimate and Class IV-General forest practices fee information (see below).

Where can I get an application?

How do I submit my application?

  • A Pre-Application meeting is required prior to filing a COHP application.
  • See our Customer Service Bulletin for submittal information.

Notes / Comments

For more information, refer to

Legal authority

Chapter 76.09 of the Revised Code of Washington (external links)
Title 222 of the Washington Administrative Code (external links)

Administered by

Washington Department of Natural Resources
The Department of Local Services, Permitting Division (Permitting) administers Class IV-General forest practices permits


For questions about forest practices permits, email or call 206-296-6600.