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2_3_g__1_The TAC 30 Unit (SWAT) is a team that is trained in the use of special weapons, equipment and tactics necessary to contain, control and arrest suspects or individuals under circumstances that standard patrol deputies are ill-equipped to resolve without extreme personal hazards. 

The TAC 30 Unit may be called to the following situations:

  • Counter-sniper activity
  • To protect police officers, firefighters and the general public during unusually dangerous situations.
  • Citizen and hostage rescue
  • Provide security for diplomatic and government officials while visiting King County
  • High risk or heightened security prisoner transports
  • High risk search warrant and arrest warrant service
  • Counter-terrorist operations
  • Surveillance details
  • Any situation by its apparent nature, which is life threatening and that would be beyond the scope of a normal police response or capability.
  • Any response requiring specialized equipment
  • Maritime security operations2_3_g__2_