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Employees should know their company's policies about safety, security, and workplace violence. Any concerns should be shared with management.

Opening and closing

  • Have two employees together meet and unlock the business. One should stay outside, while the other checks the interior. After clearing, both may enter. 
  • If you are alone at work after business hours, keep the door locked.
  • Employees should accompany each other to their vehicles-- especially at night.

Bank deposits

Employees making deposits should always go in pairs. You should vary deposit times and carry the deposit inside a plain bag. Do not use a bank bag or a bag with a name on it. Never make deposits after closing.

Controlling access

  • Keep buildings locked whenever public access is not necessary.
  • Keep secondary exits locked. Limit access to secondary exits by non-employees by having doors alarmed and labeled "EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY" or limit access to the area around the door.
  • Keep restrooms, storage areas, and other spaces locked.
  • Enforce your ID badge policies.
  • Keep parking and walking areas well lit, and keep the area around the building clear of debris.

If confrontation does occur

  • Consider all guns, or threat of guns, as loaded weapons. 
  • Activate alarms only if you can do so without detection. 
  • Attempt to alert co-workers only if you can do so safely. 
  • Follow directions exactly, without volunteering. 
  • Without seeming obvious, study attacker's distinguishing features