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Available for your use are printed copies of the "Commute resources" poster as well as the following "You Make the Difference" family of posters. The “Commute resources” poster is a great stand-alone that provides phone numbers and URLs to help your employees access commute alternatives. Additionally, the "Tied Dyed", "Think", and "Relax" poster families (only available for online download) provide a variety of unique looks where each poster targets a specific commute option.

To print your own posters to hang around your worksite, simply click on the image below to open a full-sized version in PDF format. Hard copies are available of the Commute resources and You Make the Difference posters; just complete and return this order form. (799KB PDF)

"Commute resources" poster 10 x 15


"You Make the Difference" posters 11 x 17

Bike_to_Work_Small(1231KB) HOV_Lanes_Small(1044KB) Own_One_Less_Car_Small(1235KB) Sharing_the_Ride_Small(1095KB)

"Tie Dyed" posters 11 x 17 (only available for online download)

Tie-dye_-_bus-x (1,434KB) Tie-dye_-_bike-x (921KB) Tie-dye_-_carpool-x (1,069KB) Tie-dye_-_vanpool-x (1,296KB)

Tie-dye_-_train-x (2,488KB) Tie-dye_-_walk-x (1,095KB)

 "Think" posters 11 x 17 (only available for online download)

 Think_about_it_-_bus_train-x (2,908KB)Think_about_it_-_rideshare-x (1,873KB) Think_about_it_-_bike_walk-x (2,300KB) Think_about_it_-_carpool-x (4,033KB)

"Relax" posters 11 x 17 (only available for online download)

 Relax_-_64passengers-x (1,260KB) Relax_-_Heyonbike-x (2,4320K) Relax_-_Looklonely-x (2,112KB) Relax_-_Needgas-x (2,837KB)