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About 45 days before your survey is scheduled to begin, we will send you an official notification of your survey requirement and a Survey Response Form (SRF). The SRF contains important information needed to set up your survey. Additionally, the SRF serves as a program update and provides a means of capturing any significant changes to your CTR program since your last formal Program Report.

SRF example

Completing the Survey Response Form

1. Worksite info – Site name and state code pre-populated on form.

2. Contact info – Current contact information pre-populated on form.  If there have been changes, please make updates on the form.

Employee Transportation Coordinator – This is the person responsible for day to day implementation of your CTR program. This is most likely the person completing the SRF.

Program Manager – This person usually has broader, more complex tasks involved with developing a program and internal policies. Not all worksites have a program manager.

CEO – This is the highest ranking official at your worksite. This person will usually have budget and approval authority over the program.

3. Employee counts - Total and Affected counts pre-populated on form. If there have been changes, please make updates on the form. 

4. Survey population - You have the option of surveying all employees at your worksite or only the CTR-affected employees. When you conduct your survey, you will be expected to distribute the amount of surveys based on the employee counts noted on the SRF.

5. In certain cases, affected employees can be exempted from a worksite's CTR program are not required to be surveyed. Exemptions must be approved prior to each survey process. If you have questions about exemptions, or need to request an exemption, contact your ETR.

6. While your survey period runs an entire month, it is generally best to survey employees during a single week-long period. The survey questions ask respondents about their commute to work “last week”, so it is best to begin your survey on a Monday so that all respondents are answering the questions about the same week. Avoid conducting your survey the week following a holiday as it would not be a typical work week for employees.

7. Survey method - There are two methods available for surveying your employees. The online survey is a time-saving, results-producing choice for worksites where a large majority of employees have access to the internet and a unique email address. It provides easy-to-use tools for you to fully manage the survey process and the ability to choose from a library of supplemental questions. For those worksites where the online survey may not be an option, a paper survey method is also available.

8. Survey training - We offer free training for both the online and paper survey methods. We recommend training for anyone who has not conducted a CTR survey before, is conducting an online survey for the first time, or received a response rate below 70% on your most recent survey.

9. Program check - This section serves as a way to document any significant changes to your program since your last formal Program Report. Please indicate whether or not there have been any changes in each of the areas and leave any details or comments in the space below.

10. Return the form! - We cannot set up your survey until we have received your SRF. Please return your completed form to: