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It’s purple on the outside. Inside, it’s full of innovations that are…

Good for riders

  • Ability to go “off wire” means the bus can get around problems on the road and keep you moving!
  • Passengers can open the backdoor when the bus is at a stop—no need to call out to the driver.
  • More seats and standing room make the trip comfortable for more people per ride!
  • Air conditioning keeps everyone cool.
  • Low floor makes it easier and safer to get on and off.

Good for neighborhoods

  • No exhaust equals cleaner air.
  • Quiet operation eases the noise of city streets and neighborhoods.
  • Lighter weight so there's less impact on the roads.

Good for the environment

  • These energy-efficient all electric vehicles use 30 percent less energy than the existing trolleys.
  • Zero emissions help fight climate change.
  • Regenerative braking sends energy back into the trolley electrical system.

The bottom line

  • The new trolleys cost less to operate.
  • $138 million in federal grants covered about 65 percent of the purchase cost!
  • Nearly all parts were manufactured in the USA meeting the Buy America purchasing standards.