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Follow these steps to find the ORCA Business Passport zone, cost estimate, and contact information for a business in King, Snohomish, or Pierce counties.

1 Locate your zone

Enter a business address to locate your ORCA Business Passport Zone on the map:


Boundary line Boundary line

Marker Location

2 Find your price

Find the ORCA Passport Zone that displays on the map for your address on the following pricing chart:

ORCA Business Passport (Annual cost per employee)

Valid for contracts that start between September 1, 2020 – February 1, 2021

Regional Zone Name New Contract Renewal Contract
Zones in Snohomish County
Snohomish County – Suburbs $43.92 $43.92
Snohomish County – Urban $50.32 $59.40
Zones in King County
Shoreline & NE KC Suburbs $121.50 $169.58
Seattle Neighborhoods $243.30 $380.86
University District $243.30 $380.86
Lake Union & Queen Anne $280.50 $380.82
Belltown $390.64 $426.76
First Hill $245.83 $378.91
Seattle CBD $399.31 $466.31
International District $345.16 $444.40
Bellevue CBD $265.08 $337.20
King County Suburbs $166.40 $232.76
SeaTac $419.32 $545.20
Zones in Pierce County
Pierce County – Suburbs $74.74 $74.98
Tacoma/Fife/Lakewood $161.38 $174.22

3 Estimate your Passport cost

Multiply the cost per employee on the chart above by the total number of employees at your worksite for a total annual business cost estimate.


Based on new pricing for September 1, 2020 – February 1, 2021

Annual cost per employee x Total # of employees = Total annual cost estimate for a new contract with 100 employees in the King County Suburbs zone is:

$166.40 x 100 = $16,640 annual cost estimate

4 Contact staff

To get started with ORCA Business Passport and to confirm the annual cost for your business, please contact your Passport representative.

Agency Name/Email Phone
Snohomish County
Community Transit Orca Business Accounts 425-438-6183
King County
King County Metro Transit Employer Programs 206-477-5858
Pierce County
Pierce Transit Commute Solutions 253-983-3792

Contact us


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